What sort of punishment should the mullahs face for their action?

Seeing the horrors and crimes of the mullahs done to the Iranian people the past 30 years, I believe every single one of them should be executed…. Not jailed, Not exiled, but simply executed for making the Iranian population go through hell, torturing and killing the Iranian youth and old alike, stealing the resources of Iran and putting it into their own pockets, discriminating and killing religous minorities and amongst other crimes done to the Iranian people.


It’s time for the Iranian people to get violent… I wouldn’t hesitate to slit a Mullahs or a islamists throat if they threatened Iran.


Here are some ways we could/should execute mullahs.

 1. Impale them up the ass (They would probabely enjoy this)

 2. Kill their families infront of them and make them suffer before killing them.

 3. Kill the mullahs infront of their families then piss on their dead bodies.

 4. Hang them

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