Farewell eHarmony

Valerie talked about gender equality
She was unemployed in reality
Melanie was from Colorado
stopped communicating long time ago
Sophie was from China
She was fine, I swear
But she didn’t know nothing about Tiananmen Square
There was a lady from L.A.
Her sister emailed me:
“Suzy died in a horrible accident in the highway.”
But I think she didn’t wanna see me again
There was a Mexican woman from Houston
We didn’t even make it to a luncheon
But it was all my fault
I admit
I didn’t wanna learn a new language

And then there was Patty
She was sixty-one
And I was…
Well, never mind, let’s move on
Deana was an Armenian architect
She was stable, turned me down, I was wrecked
Another Sophie was into skydiving from the air
And I was looking forward to my first La-Z-Boy Chair
Gloria was from Reno
Gambled her money away in Keno
Ashraf lived in Merced
Wanted me to dye my hair
Try to look younger, she said
Sonia was from Argentina
She had the looks
She worked hard
All she needed was a Green Card
Monica (not to be confused with Lewinski)
Lived near by, but didn’t like my Kia Sephia
Kate was into horseback riding
Not so good with my back aching
Becky was a fine mountain biker
She told me I can have her, if I caught her
They had to rescue me with a helicopter
In her pictures, Olga looked like sticks
When she was thirty-six
But now in person she looks like Sphinx
Deb was so intelligent
4 BSs, 3 Masters, 2 PhDs
4 Corvettes, 2 houses, 1 teenage boy
Missing in her life was a man to be her toy
Forough was from the Bay
She had 3 children
She neglected to say

There was another one
I can’t remember her name
She had nine cats in her photo frame
There were several from Canada
I wish I kept an accurate data
I mean she really sleeps around
Around and around
eHarmony was her hunting ground
Patty was from Bradford
Don’t know what happened
I guess didn’t know how to use the keyboard
Ronda was from Main
She was…, how can I say it
Never mind again
Sandra was a fine nurse
Never married, never had a boyfriend, never had a child
Never knew how to be wild
Karen was her nickname
She was a doctor
A neurosurgeon
And I, a Persian
But, she wanted me to become Christian
Carol, also a nurse
But too shy, too terse
Kate is from Sedona, Arizona
She might as well be from Russia, China,
Cuba, Florida, Ghana,…
I rather watch the show trial with the man in his pajama

Farewell elusive love
Farewell Lucy, Jackie, Anny,…
Farewell eHarmony
Thank God my subscription expired
I’ve seen nothing to be inspired
Don’t send me no more profiles
you’re just making stockpiles
Don’t send me discounts
I don’t give a shit, not even one once
Don’t give it to me for free
Don’t talk to me about grantee
Don’t send me dating instructions
I still have a dozen Trojans

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