Moral decadence

Although one has to look past the menacingly arrayed military personnel, the signs are all in plain sight. Sooner rather than later the ruling Islamist Rapist Republic will be nothing but another forgotten road bump in the long history of Iran.

The wholesale mismanagement of the unrefined oil export based economy in addition to the embedded systematic cronyism, nepotism, graft and corruption will hasten the pace.  So will the endemic state of siege mentality of the ruling Islamists and their barbaric routine torture, rape and murder of not only their opposition but the offspring of their own supporters as well which does not foretell longevity in IRR’s lifeline. But none of these embolic Islamist traits in of themselves will do IRR in.

The ultimate cause of IRR death is manifested through the justification of its outlandishly criminal behavior by its supporters who bill themselves as representing a certain morality based school of religion.

This total disintegration of humanistic value system is best exemplified by the recent loutish joshing around between the Speaker of the Islamist Assembly, Congress, and couple of his deputies.  Unaware of an open microphone broadcasting live nationwide the “voting” on the new cabinet, the “people’s elected representatives” are jokingly threatening one another with a confinement at Kahrizak should some cheating be committed.  Kahrizak is the notorious detention center where verified reports attest to torture, murder and raping of men, women and underage teenagers being committed by the officials of the IRR.  The ultimate nail in the coffin of the IRR is this moral decadence.

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