To Win

I live in the UK, and I must say, two things give me peace of mind. Firstly I love the fact that we do not have capital punishment. Secondly I love the fact that the police do not carry weapons.

As probably the first person ever to promote the concept of non-violent regime change, some thirty years ago whilst I was at Princeton, I have seen more than my fair share of cynicism and mockery. People thought, and still think, I am stupid to think that Iran can one day become like UK, and not have guns in the streets and do without Capital Punishment.

Our culture was based on peace and human rights as instilled in the Zend Avesta from day one. Our forefathers build this nation on peace for all. And so we must go forward and be united along these principles. These cultural ideals are non-negotiable and no one has a right to take that away from us, by using religion or politics.

Any regime that uses guns on Iranians is alien, and must be confronted by all Iranian in non-violent protests. The threat of non-violent protests, is stronger than their guns. So the present regime must be told, as I do every day, that they have no base, if they dared to have a public debate over this.

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