Sex , Religion and Culture .


We can see clearly in any religion mainly Islam ( lets talk about Islam as this is the problem our nation is facing ) .

From a higher cultural Persian ground and the modernity’s advancement in all areas of human development,

one can clearly see that all the matters of Islam is nothing but OBSESSION WITH SEXUALITY and minding

other people’s sexual life as well , left alone all other matter of a citizen’s life  in Iran ![ our country Iran is 

highjaket , robbed from US Iranians ] .   


And example of HEJAB in Islam points to this sad reality of DARK STONE AGES of this BARBARIC

religion of the SAVAGES of Medineh , women are supposed to cover their bodies with these discussing

stinky clothes ONLY AND ONLY to avoid a man’s sexual intention upon their body what an absurd effort ! this

was a 14 century conception of the blood sucker founders of the Allah Of Medineh ( a  nation of Horney ,rapist Arab living in the

deserts , imagine NOW we are living in the age of Scienctific discoveries , age of enlightment and progress  ) ,

US , we are Iranians we had a superior culture then , and imposing these dark ages sexual regualtions on

our women in 21 century seems so shamefull for our race !


Sexuality is part of our very nature undissociable from any human being , we are all born out of the passion

of our parents , i mean sexual passion ! the more such religion as Islam try to cover and protect this particular

aspect of the nature the more CRIMES of sexual nature would emerge  . 

No one can believe such a great Civilization as Persian  has ended up in this historical disaster for the

past 1400. years , and mainly the past 30 years  . 


That book called Koran which is the Bible of Muslims which JUSTIFIES their crimes against other human beings as those who do

not follow them are called the SATAN ! HAHAHA what an Idiotic religion Man , we do not know how can a nation such as

ours be FOOLED by this single Arabic non sense book ( a book seemingly written by a PSYCHOPATH MURDERER , who created

this CULT to get the wealth of other nations and rape and murder other nation ) ; of the Murderers Of Medineh who killed our

past ancestors and imposed Islam to US Iranians , what does it take for those Muslim Iranians to wake up and realise that

they have been praying to their own murderers all this time .


Maybe more civil wars is awaiting Iran , to solve all these matters for once .


Every day that passes by this blood sucker regime is STEALING Billions of dollars of our national income

and giving it to those fucking Palestinians , Hammas , etc …. to fight a casue that has nothing what

so ever with our great Iranian nation  . When can we have our country back ?


National Democratic Republic Of Iran , for Iran !







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