River Dries up, Bridge gets Damaged

Real democracy is local, not national. At the national level, the side with better and timelier propaganda and higher power wins. This is true everywhere in the world. Democracy should be exercised locally. This is what is done in most successful democracies but not in Iran.

In one of Iran’s largest cities, Esfahan, the main river “Zaayande Rud” has been dry all summer this year due to pathetic planning. Thousands of farmers, fisheried, and other small businesses have folded because of this. There are signs that a famous bridge over the river has been damaged by a mistake in a subway tunnel digging operation.

Yet, the people in the city have kept silent for the most part. They don’t assemble in public. They don’t make their objections heard by local authorities. This is why poor management persists.

It is ironic that people are ready to form large demonstrations to favor “sage zard” instead of “shoqaal” for presidency. But they remain silent about vital issues that affect their daily lives.

This is where we need to practice democracy at the local level. We have to demand better management of vital local issues regardless of who is holding the post of presidency.

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