Persian Heroines (and Heroes)

What will it take for Iran to move forward – to finally wake up from its long and stultifying stupor, in order to reach its true and pure potential, and to become a well-respected and civilized member of the community of nations?

Well, the first step on that path is for the current Iranian power structure to wake up, realize, and acknowledge some very unpleasant facts and realities about itself. This particular side or face of Iran can choose to continue to bury its head in the sand with its own self-perpetuated fantasies and wishful thinking, but such delusions won’t last forever. The truth will catch up with the country and its current power structure sooner or later – as it always has with every tyrannical power throughout history.  

The Iranian women and men in the slide show (below) have done and continue to do their part, both large and small, to bring a small but badly needed dose of 21st Century objective reality to the thuggish and antiquated governmental mindset that has long been overdue for a change. 

It is now high time for this brutish mindset in Iran to both wake up and grow up – to learn from the past and from history itself, and to move on to better, higher, and more noble aspirations than simply trying to dominate their fellow citizens by pure intimidation and force. This has been and what continues to keep Iran behind and backwards, when in fact Iran has the sheer talent, creativity, passion, and drive necessary to thrive and prosper in the modern world, economically and otherwise.   

But let’s face it, Iran is not really thriving and has not been doing so for a long time due to the heavy opportunity costs it constantly incurs as a result of misguided policies that have made it an outcast and pariah from the perspective of the international community.

It is now finally time to wake up and smell the roses. A large segment of the Iranian people have to be unflinchingly honest with themselves: why are they allowing themselves to be herded like mindless sheep by shephards who do not have their best interest in mind? Do they really think that this represents the path to peace, prosperity, and happiness?

These are only some of the soul-searching questions that face the majority of the Iranian populace – unless they prefer to simply live in denial forever. In the meantime, the heroines and heroes in the video below continue to do their part (even if at times only symbolically) to make sure that the hard and thorny but necessary questions do not stop being asked, even if, ironically, their rigidly indoctrinated fellow citizens may not realize or even appreciate that the questions are also being asked for their benefit too. 

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