A message for the Murderers Of Iranian People …


A recounted souvenir from the death sentences carried out in Shah’s time which would predict the same sort for the Opressors and murderers of the Iranian freedom fighters. Any body knows the ethnic origine of Khamenehei please? I mean his home town, and ethnic back ground.

Messages for the Basijis, Passdaran, all those who have committed crimes against the freedom Figthers of Iran. We hope the same destiny would await you, AMIN! 

It seems in Iran the History HAS TO REPEATS itself again and again ( indefinitely ) , and Iranian never learn any lessons from their Historical /Political/interpersonal mistakes , how many revolutions , civil wars ,  must be fought till Iranian come toghether and realise their mistakes and never again repeat their mistakes again  , no nation has been such as ours in regards to hostility , lack of care and love for each other this is a SAD SAD situation in our nation , probably due to it’s plurality which has for it’s cause fromthe past wars subjecting Iran to the IMPOSED influences of the INVADERS of Iran .    



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