Living with nuclear Khamenei

The representative of the sane world lead by U.S. plus Czar Putin’s Russia and China have announced their acceptance of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s condition for talks that have no preconditions.

 Although this is not a good day for advocates of adherence to International Law, it is nevertheless a development long been sought by the IRR, its international business, mostly oil, beneficiaries and lobbies.

As the newswire report it the catalyst for the sudden about-face is the IRR “package” delivered on Wednesday. Preliminary reports and reactions by the sane world spoke of IRR rephrasing of the old packages in which the main point of contention, i.e. IRR’s  illegal dual use full cycle nuke program being brushed aside to give room for  sermonizing the world on the folly of their ways and the benefits of IRR style rule.

If that is the case then banking on any positive outcome will be tantamount to buying Bear Stearns stocks just before it went out of business.

In the past few months the sane world has witnessed what IRR has been doing for the past thirty years, which is torturing, raping and murdering the enslaved Iranian men, woman and children with impunity.

The IRR is in its final dash to become a nuclear power and any one with an iota of deductive reasoning should know the consequence of such awesome power in the hands of a doomsday messianic cult which gives as much consideration to kill and rape the children of its own consummate insiders as a snail gives to Voltaire’s essays.

Before it is too late the sane world has to empower the beleaguered Iranian nation to overthrow this Islamist world menace.

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