Evil Must be Vigilantly Confronted & Defeated


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When you face evil, ideals of tolerance, civility, respect, debate etc go out the door.  One of the justices of the U.S. supreme court wrote “you’ll recognize pornography when you see it” when they were handing down an opinion on pornography and first amendment  rights. 

Most people recognize evil when they come across it.  Hitler and Nazism were evil.  Child molestation is evil.

Lets say your neighbor is a child molester.  He likes having sex with children under the age of 5 or 6.  Over time, you realize this.  What do you in this case?  Report this guy to authorities?  Or take matters in your own hand and either kidnap and castrate the guy and then put his house on fire or maybe you simply shoot him?

Majority of normal human beings, report this guy to authorities as soon as possible.  No debate, no discussion of tolerance for behavior different than ours etc.  Child molestation is beyond sick; its evil.

Suppose this neighbor of yours had a friend who enabled the sick behavior; he would bring young children from the neighborhood to this guys home for cookies and ice cream.  What would you do with this friend?  Talk to him and conduct an open civil debate to reform him?  If you are a normal human being, the answer would be a resounding no. You would report his ass.

The current Islamic regime of the IRI is evil. 50 million Iranians living in Iran share this view; young, old, male, female, rich, not so rich.  The pro/enablers of the regime, inside or outside Iran are also evil.  They propagate evil.  They stand for hanging of youth from i-beams and cranes without due process.  They stand for oppression of women.  They stand for attempts at genocide of Bahais.  They stand for stealing of sacred votes of 50 million Iranians who went to polls with utmost civility to cast their votes. 

There is no room for tolerance and debate with these people.  They are evil.  They don’t have a place in the U.S. nor the cyber space where the hide behind anonymity.  With vigilance, pressure needs to be kept on them to keep them exposed and quiet.

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