Abraham the so called Criminal/Murderer Prophet who tried to sacrifice his own son …

Abraham the Jewish so called Prophet  planned to offer his own son as a SACRIFICE to God (in fact a Sacrifice to his own Biological father due to his own guilt feeling he had felt towards his own Oedipus complex involving his own biological father and mother ) ,  Abraham hearing Hallucinatory Voices from his own Sub Consciousness which were ordering him to murder his own son under the pressure of conflicts forces of his own sub consciousness;  were caused by a painful guilt complex , these Hallucinatory voices were caused by his own GUILT feeling driven from a very old origin which would have placed Abraham in front of his own Biological father and mother and  would have wished his own father’s death and  once more the Oedipus complex resurfaced in Abraham’s subconsciousness , which was in my opinion an unresolved Oedipus Complex , Abraham felt a terrible sudden Guilt which burdened his consciousness so much that to remove this guilt would have required the offering of the Sacrifice of his own son for a God  entity .   Once the decision was made to Sacrifice his own son , Abraham had a sudden realization of his own crime against his own son and therefore Transfered and Exchanged  the Sacrificed son with an animal sacrifice which by shedding it’s blood it would have the same Cleansing effect of removing the Guilt from his own consciousness .   Blood would WASH MY SINS , thus i SACRIFICE this Sheep to cleanse my Guilt .     Therefore one of the religion mysteries solved at last !                      

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