A Toast

Hmmmmm, a perfect glass of red wine, candles lit around the house, cold weather, fluffy socks, shorts, favorite tank, girly girl, “just polished” nails, white chocolate covered cranberries, just got off the phone with my little brother who got a 170 on his practice LSAT test, pitch black except for the city lights, comfortable couch, bunch of colorful little pillows, Moein’s perfect voice in the background singing Esfehan, sitting there with my laptop, my puppies curled up on the couch by my feet, just staring out the window…taking a sip, and realizing that this perfect glass of red wine deserves a perfect toast on this perfect night:

So a toast:

To my Grandmother for being the most nurturing woman on earth.

To my Mom for complaining about everything I do or don’t.

To my Dad, to my Dad because there’s no one like him.

To my brother for having the most beautiful blue/gray/green eyes in the world.

To Fesgheli and Maloos, my puppies who have proven to me that if I can’t train them, I certainly have no business thinking about kids.

To my boss, for the challenges, the unreasonable expectations, for making me want to pull my hair out, for giving me a job I adore.

To my best friends, for being real, for listening when it doesn’t matter.

To the thoughts and dreams that keep creeping back into my head, making me want more.

To the young Iranians who are finding a way to live life to the fullest despite the setbacks they’re faced with.

To the weatherman in Colorado who is finally predicting snow (I’m going there next week).

To my daily horoscope that is never right, but captures my attention every single morning.

To the man that frustrates me, drives me crazy, makes me happy, makes me sad. The one that has taken my breath away. The one that I can’t live without. To the man who made me realize just how lonely I was before I met him.

A toast to life. To the good and the bad surprises it holds.

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