Cute killer bugs

I just woke up from one of the worst dreams I’ve had in a long time:

I was a guest in an apartment in a high rise building. It was the first time I was there. I did not know the host very well. I think he was a computer/internet expert of some kind. He was thin, plain-looking, with a beard. In his fifties. Iranian.

In one of the rooms there were three or four computers in a row on a long table against the wall. A man, the husband of a friend, was a guest like me and surfing the net on one of the computers.

The host’s son, who was maybe 8 years old, was playing with his toys. He went over to the man behind the computer and put a small mechanical insect on the back of his head. The “insect” had wiry legs with feet that grabbed the skin. It looked innocent and cute, like a pokemon figure. The man tried to pull it off but the more he pulled the insect’s hold became more secure. In a matter of seconds the man lost consciousness and fell under the table.

My initial reaction was concern, not fear. I could not imagine that he was actually dead. But I knew it was something serious. The host was very polite and pulled me away to another room. None of us spoke about what had happened to the man. As I looked around, I somehow figured out that there was a plot to kill several other people who were coming over as guests that day. I did not imagine it out of fear, but I somehow found real evidence. I acted normal but inside I was desperately trying to find a way to contact the police.

Then the boy came over to me and put one of his mechanical bugs on my head. I pulled and pulled and it got harder and harder to get rid of. Suddenly I realized that the trick was not to panic but to remove the bug as slowly and calmly as possible.

My backpack was open, my computer and clothes were out and packing them and running away was not an option. If I had shown fear, the host would have realized that I knew what he was up to. The boy again came over and tried to attach another bug, this time on my arm. I managed to get rid of it with the soft approach again. Then the host’s daughter, who was in her 20’s, handed me a brush to comb my hair. I looked at it and there was another bug on the bristles. (Why didn’t they just shoot me or club me to death? Why the toy bugs?)

Meanwhile another guest arrived. A tall young man. I sat next to him and looked for an opportunity to tell him what’s going on. But my leg/calf cramped and I was in severe pain. I whispered to the guest, “please help… please help” but he did not hear me and was not paying attention. With great pain and difficulty I stoop up and straightened my leg (my leg does cramp up from time to time in real life and it probably happened right then as I was asleep).

I had to get out of there but I was still careful not to give the impression about the host’s murderous plan. I told him I have to go downstairs to buy something. I got out, ran down the stairs and entered a busy shopping center. I told a vendor behind a caged counter that I needed to borrow his cell phone to call the police and report a murder. He came out and I suddenly realized he was actually a policeman in a blue shirt and silver badge. He told me to follow him to the apartment but he soon disappeared.

Then I saw a relatively small white hot air balloon lifting into the air in a narrow alley. The base of the balloon got stuck on some tall shrubs. I helped get it untangled and it was able to fly away.

I didn’t go back up to the apartment but I didn’t run away either. I was still terrified and felt in grave danger. By now I was half awake and didn’t want this hell to continue for another second. I woke up and started writing. I had to record this one! I feel much better now :o)


Now that I’m writing, I might as well tell you about another dream from about a week ago. By contrast, it’s one of the most moving I’ve had.

I can’t remember most of it right now but the interesting part was the ability not to fly but to float and move in the air standing up. How can I explain? Some sort of magic dust, or light, gave the power to slowly lift off and glide in the air surrounded by a blue halo. It was such an incredibly beautiful feeling…


I’m so tired. I want to go back to sleep :o)

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