The Promise of Loss – A Contemporary Index of Iran

The new BROTkunsthalle is opening in the historic rooms of a former bakery in the 10th district with the exhibition The Promise of Loss. A Contemporary Index of Iran – curated by Shaheen Merali.

The show presents new works from young Iranian artists and aims to give a glimpse into the contemporary art world and culture of Iran – a country that we encounter almost daily in the media. The exhibition unites internationally established artists, as well as new and emerging talents that are being shown for the first time in Austria. Based on his extensive knowledge and insight of the region, and supported by weeklong research onsite in Iran, the renowned curator Shaheen Merali has prepared this exhibition with great commitment.

The Promise of Loss is organized to mine the huge ground of Iran. The connection of expertise to experience, the rhythm of its measures and the constancy of the artistic gaze into its shadows have made listening to the artists’ interpretations more urgent.

Mandana Moghaddam’s installation Sara’s Paradise (2009) is an ode to the time-honored place in the cemetery of Behesht e Zahra, Tehran, where the fate of the martyrs from the Iraq-Iran war that claimed over 800,000 young lives are commemorated. The place, as seen in the installation, is a gory fountain of red water continuously bleeding into the world. The source of the blood is the martyrs and their families who encouraged holy participation to the bitter end, lured by a promise of a place in paradise.

The exhibition will be curated in five sections:
a) Beyond Iran and near Tehran: Peyman Hooshmandzadeh and Mandana Moghaddam.
b) Graphic, unfolding tributaries: Parastou Forouhar, Sara Rahbar and Neda Razavipour.
c) Responses to legacies: Samira Abbassy, Babak Golkar, Amin Nourani, Behrang Samadzadegan and Jinoos Taghizadeh.
d) The main-melancholia: Iman Afsarian, Shahram Entekhabi, Abbas Kowsari and Rozita Sharafjahan.
e) Re-imaging the revolution: Masoumeh Bakhtiyari, Asgar/Gabriel, Shadi Ghadirian and Leila Pazooki.

The Artists: Samira Abbassy, Iman Afsarian, Asgar/Gabriel, Masoumeh Bakhtiyari, Shahram Entekhabi, Parastou Forouhar, Shadi Ghadirian, Babak Golkar, Peyman Hooshmandzadeh, Abbas Kowsari, Mandana Moghaddam, Amin Nourani, Leila Pazooki, Sara Rahbar, Neda Razavipour, Behrang Samadzadegan, Rozita Sharafjahan, Jinoos Taghizadeh 

The Promise of Loss is the first exhibition in what is to be a vibrant and manifold exhibition program beyond the realm of the general Viennese mainstream locations. Planed are three exhibitions a year, from monographic shows to the presentation of collections. By integrating other galleries, art institutions and curators, the BROTkunsthalle aims to be a place of multifaceted cooperation. A site where museums as well as freelance curators are introduced to the artists and activities of the gallery, are invited to participate in joint projects and together create something new.

The Promise of Loss. A Contemporary Index of Iran
Curated by Shaheen Merali

Mandana Moghaddam
Sara’s Paradise, 2009
Plastic jars, concrete pool with fountains, neon lights
Dimensions variable
Edition 3

10 October – 30 November 2009
Opening 9 October 5-10 p.m.

1100 Vienna, Austria
Absberggasse 35
T: +43-1-512 53 15
F: +43-1-512 53 32

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