Incremental sanctions

Although following the last nuke meeting there was a short-lived burst of guarded optimism in the Western capitals, now that all the signs point to the contrary the state media in IRR, the

Islamist Rapist Republic , is still full of soothing reports.

The latest indication of how not everything is as IRR misinforms the enslaved Iranians inside Iran has come in the form of new set of unilateral shipping and banking sanctions by the United Kingdom.  Additionally, in wake of Obama administration abruptly cancelling the missile defense shield program, to the utter delight of Russians, the U.S. Secretary of State is in Moscow to work out Russian support for tougher sanctions against IRR.

To top it off,  foretelling of things not being as IRR pretends it to be, the Vienna based nuke representative of the Rapist Republic is allover the Western mass media clumsily deflecting pointed questions. Having mistook the free media with that of IRR, his would be charm offensive has backfired creating even more questions as what other nuke secrets IRR is hiding.

While the luxury of having the time to decide has seemingly been wasted on pointless meetings on “modalities” and even more redundant diplomatic maneuverings-the question remains, what is to be done with the uber-human rights violating, terrorist creating/equipping/ financing nuke pursuing IRR?The same old question, the same old answers are staring the sane world in the eye and the decision time fast approaching.

The least costly and the one with most chance of success has been and still holds true, that is for the West to bank on the Iranian people. No one better than Iranians who have been at the receiving end of it know what monstrous crimes IRR is capable of committing, why any and all promises, pledges and alike IRR makes are made with the full intention of to be broken and no one better than Iranian people know IRR’s weaknesses.

Ever since the asinine strategy of incremental military engagement gave way to either engage full force or not engage at all, the idea of incrementally sanctioning a terrorist entity like the IRR is due for rethink.  Either make friends with the Islamist Rapists and live with the consequences of it or become part of the solution. Aimlessly sanctioning this that or the other sectors of IRR not only does not produce anything, it empowers the ruling Islamist rapists and embitters the enslaved Iranians.

The current incrementally ratcheting up sanctions gives the Islamist Rapists enough time to equip themselves with a crude form of regime survival insurance nuke policy a la N. Korea, and worst, unnecessarily prolongs the suffering of the enslaved Iranians.

Before it is too late the sane world has to impose airtight sanctions on IRR and at the same time openly help the enslaved Iranians with material and moral support to do that which is urgently needed and Iranians know best how to do it.

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