4 Year Old Maya Needs Bone Marrow Donor Urgently

LONG BEACH, CA – A four year old girl, Maya who became sick with
flu-like symptoms on Sept. 9 has been diagnosed with a rare form of
blood disorder.  Of Caucasian and South Asian heritage, Maya’s case has
worsened with doctors on Oct.12 pronouncing her condition as “urgent.” 

The family is seeking a donor desperately in their fight for their
daughter’s life.  Little Maya’s brother Jaden, is not a match for her. 
The child is now at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Millers
Children Hospital in Long Beach where the diagnosis was made –  a rare
form of a blood disease, called hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, or
HLH for short.  This disease involves the histiocyte cells eating up
normal blood cells which are then stored in the liver and spleen. This
results in an enlarged liver & spleen which then compromises
breathing by pushing on the lungs.  The disease is so rare that there
is not even a body of data on which a prognosis can be based, says the
family.  The treatment is a form of chemotherapy and was started the
same day of the diagnosis, Sept.14.

Those seeking to help: A3Mhope.org or call (888) 236 4673.

Maya’s story can also be read in detail at www.caringbridge.com.  Please enter “concentrate” on the homepage. 


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