Nuke nationalism

The IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic defiance of UN Security council resolutions and continuing its illegal nuke program is inching Iran ever closer to the edge of the precipice. The path IRR recklessly follows will result in human calamity and infrastructural devastation which will take generations of Iranians to recover from.  

And like many other scoundrel regimes the Islamist Rapists are using the patriotism card with the sad thing being some are falling for it. To those the following is put to gauge the Islamist regime’s patriotic bona fide and their own devotional carelessness.

Lets imagine by divine intervention all the occupants of Iran were instantaneously transferred to Canada and from then on Canada was renamed Iran. Lets further imagine Canadians were supplanted in former Iran, now called Canada.  Now as an Iranian it would be quite natural to have more affinity with Iranians in Iran (the former Canada) than with Canadians who live in Canada (the former Iran). 

The point is true nationalism has to do more with love for certain people and their culture than for mountains, lakes and valleys. In other words Iran is loved because that is where Iranians are, if they were to be in Canada, that is where the love and unbridle loyalty would be showered on.

If this take on patriotism makes any sense, then buying into nationalism claims stemming from the IRR nuke program, the same regime which for thirty years has been raping, torturing and murdering Iranian men, women and children on a vast scale just does not make any sense. And thinking some do fall for such patently false claim, worse yet help out in perpetuation of such Islamist Rapist nationalism fraud are truly stupefying. It is the people, stupid!

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