Obama = Omama

The new sucker USA president seems a first class Coward and a Cock sucker in his international dealings with regimes such as S.O.B IsLamic rapist of Iran , some would have nostalgia of having Bush back in the office , remember no matter what political benefits would Bush have had in mind by attacking Iraq , if he did not attack that S.O.B Sadam and his army  ,Sadam would  have committed more acts of crimes against innocent Iranian and the region at large and on the top of that he would have continued giving excuses to the Islamic Rapist bastard to further it’s war with Iraq to divert Internal political problems and send more Iranian youth to be dead to an unjust  war which served commonly both the Islamic regime’s purposes and Sadam’s purposes to further remain in power and suck the blood of their nation , not to forget our nation’s struggle still continues to this day .    If USA or United Nations had helped Iranian freedom fighters to get back their nation from the hands of these bastard Islamic regime , knowing the fact that Iranian are unlike Iraq or Afghanistan in regards to higher Cultural grounds and most probably the force of internal opposition and the rest of population would stand side by side with the United Nation forces to free Iranians .      What price have not already our nations paid till to this day and still there are those faction of population whom i should call have been BRAIN DAMAGED by Islam for so many centuries that maybe there is no cure for them to get out of their Islamic Psychosis and come back to reality . Centuries of Islamic reinforcement ( deathly brain washing ) either by our parents or society at large whose sole purpose was to keep Iran and Iranian unified through this MASS PSYCHOSIS of Islamic cult system of manipulation and  total stupidity which were imposed to all of us , and no one even questioned these blind inclinations to such an Alien Cult to out culture , NOW is the time to settle once for all this night mare of Islamic cult and wash it from our dear Land Iran .             Imagine since birth we all have been imposed , manipulated , forced upon into this Blood sucker  Islamic cult  , as Mr.Imani said it so nicely in his blog , once a cult’s Virus ( in this case Islam in our nation ) is implanted in one’s Psychic since childhood it automatically mutates into different forms of Viral infection each having it’s own dangerous characteristics (as personalities are different genetically speaking ) , but the main core of it being the Islamic cult of Murder , Rapist , Superstition , all the LAJAN of the man kind is in that Virus .   In one word Islam is the VIRUS that has killed our people , culture and our ORIGINAL IDENTITY AS BEING AN IRANIAN .   We need to redefine WHO IS ARE IRANIAN WHO ARE NOT  ?   Regards….                                 

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