Islam bashing is fully justified, 100%

I just finished reading a blog by someone who was questioning and was somewhat surprised that Islam bashing has become a sport if you will.

As apparently bewildered as he was about what is going on, I am bewildered as to how someone who claims to be non religious is so clueless as to why what is happening, is happening.

Lets look at 2 countries which are the primary hubs of the 2 main sects of Islam, Shia’ and Sunni; Iran and Saudi Arabia respectively.  In these countries:

Iran          Saudi Arabia

1) Are women equal to men?             No                 No

2) Is there freedom of speech?          No                 No 

3) Do people of other faiths practice   No                 No

their religion freely 

4) Can a citizen of these country         No                 No

change his/her religion without fear of execution? 

5)  Are there free elections?                No                 No

6)  Do these countries support global   Yes               Yes


7) Is Islam forced down the throat       Yes               Yes

of their citizens? 

8) Do religious clerics in these              Yes               Yes

countries advocate hatred and

killings of people of other faiths? 

9)  Do 51+% of people of these            Yes                Yes

countries like and support regime change? 

10) Is there oppression and censorship  Yes                Yes

of arts and literature? 

11) Can men have more than 1 wife?     Yes                Yes

12)  Is there religiously sanctioned         Yes                Yes

prostitution (temporary sigheh) 

The list is too long to type; you can add censorship of all type of media (TV, internet, newspapers) and a whole host of other things like honor killings, “taghiyeh”, culture of sadness etc etc etc

I personally hold Islam responsible for ALL (100%) ills of Iran and Iranian society.  To that end, I am a strong proponent of Islam bashing at every opportunity possible. 

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