Why Everyone Hates George Soros

One of the more amusing aspects of the ongoing NIAC story has been the right-wing fixation on investor and philanthropist George Soros’s links to the group. The fact that Soros’s Open Society Institute helps fund the NIAC-affiliated Campaign for a New Policy on Iran — as well as his funding of J Street, another neocon bete noire — has led the usual suspects to portray Soros as the hidden power behind an anti-Israel, pro-Iran conspiracy in Washington. […]

Why is this funny? Because there is one other group that similarly views Soros as a shadowy, dangerous and destabilizing servant of the enemy, and it is the Iranian regime itself. For proof, see this rather hilarious Iranian government propaganda video from the summer, which depicts Soros in the White House plotting regime change in Tehran with none other than John McCain (!) and nonviolent resistance theorist Gene Sharp (!).

So for the neocons, Soros is an Iranian stooge; for the Ahmadinejad regime, he is an American stooge. The ma… >>>

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