Zionism, Judaism and Iranians

The differences between a polished Iranian Islamist and a crude one:


1- Polished Islamist only in private uses Zionism and Judaism interchangeably.

Crude Islamist says Jews in public or private.

2- Polished Islamist attributes most of world’s problems to Zionists.

Crude Islamist blames Jews for everything.

3- Polished Islamist perks up when he/she hears someone denigrating Jews.

Crude Islamist chimes in.

4- Polished Islamist calls all those he doesn’t like, Zionist.

Crude Islamist calls all he dislikes, filthy money-grubbing warmongering Jew.

5- Polished Islamist says he only disapproves of Zionists.

Crude Islamist says he hates Jews.

6- Polished Islamist has a selective historical memory when it comes to the brotherly Arabs.

Crude Islamist does not do history.

7- Polished Islamist argues Zionism is criminal and calls Israel a Zionist state, leaving the logical conclusion to the listener.

Crude Islamist says Israel has to be wiped off the map.

8- Polished Islamist says historical/strategic alliance and friendship between Iran & Israel is a source for a belly laugh.

Crude Islamist says over his dead body.

9- Polished Islamist is a super duper patriot; he argues 11% of Caspian Sea is much better than having the historical ownership over 50%, Russian UNSC veto has a value.

Crude Islamist wants Russians holding the sane world at bay till he gets the nuke.

10- Polished Islamist is a human rights advocate as long as the victims are Palestinians and not Iranians inside Iran.

Crude Islamist does not have the foggiest what human rights are.

Finally, Polished Islamist gives nationalistic, hegemonic song and dance as reasons for wanting the ruling Islamist Rapist Republic armed with nuke.

Crude Islamist says he want the bomb to take care of business.

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