Hezbollahis in America

Can someone please tell me why so many avid supporters of the IRI, the shameless mord-e-khors that they are, choose to live in the US, as in Southern California, as opposed to South Tehran? These parasites have no problem condemning 70 million Iranians to the ugly fate of living under the barbaric tyranny of the IRI, but for themselves, they rather live in the comfortable lap of Uncle Sam, the democratic “Great Satan”, and still have the gall to support the barbaric mullah dicatatorship in Iran.

I would just like to know why these jackals don’t live in Iran if the IRI is so good for Iran? Can someone explain to me why so many of these shameless IRI supporters live in California? Ali Larijani’s sister-in-law drives a $400,000 Mercedes Benz to a Persian supermarket in Irvine. And here, on this site, we have our house Hezbollahis admittedly living in the US, and all they do all day long is shamelessly bash the US while supporting the terroristic regime raping our tortured homeland.

Isn’t there something very terribly wrong with this picture?

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