NIAC lobby respond!

With the revelation of NIAC lobby’s lifetime president and chief lobbyist exchanging cordial businesslike emails with the Islamist Rapists Republic’s Ambassador to UN arranging meetings with congressmen, a classic lobbying duty, the quintessential questions are:

Were the NIAC lobby members, supporters and financial contributors aware of this relationship and approved it beforehand?

If they were not aware of it, does it matter to them that the lobby they support has had this till now secret businesslike relationship with at least one Islamist Rapist emissary?

If their lobby’s relationship with IRR which even with the current fragmentary evidence strongly points to it as being  a case of sleeping with the enemy against IRR’s opposition turns out to be one; is that what they signed up for?

Do the NIAC lobby supporters put all the NIAC lobby doubters/opponents in a single category of Anti-Iranian warmongering nutjobs?

At the same time that it is still fighting it in the court trying to prevent all the discovery documents from being made available to all–NIAC lobby still has not handed over all the requested documents for the discovery phase of the civil action it has brought against an Iranian opposing the Islamist Rapists, when it does the picture will get clearer.

Till then NIAC lobby should begin answering questions which even with the conclusion of its civil case or all the NIAC lobby coordinated lovey-dovey write ups and planted stories will not go away.

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