Where’s My Miracle – I Am My Miracle, Look No Where Else, No My Darling, But Within You

I have been fortunate to have been engaged in a number of very interesting discussions in my last three (3) blogs. These blogs were: Godhead – Am I It, Or, Are You The One?; Dancing With Angels – Not God, No My Darling, But Houris; and, My Religion – No Religion, All Faith, Yes My Sweet, Total Bliss. If you have participated in these discussions before, I would like to ask you to please participate in this one also. A number of my dear friends asked me to address the issue of Miracles, and I have tried to do it in this piece. If you have never engaged us in these discussions in the past, please feel free to participate fully now. Thank You.

The goddess of miracles, totally bewildered, yet still anticipating
All prayers, from all Saints, yet no delivery, where’re the miracles, yes my darling, save us O’ Lord

The Prophets of the old, all anticipating, with much joy, for the very miracle
The blessing of divinity, in all its glory, yet it never came, all by and by

The wisdom of all ages, thoroughly encompassing, within and without, all fairy tales
All within you, yes my darling, nothing without you, search for it, and you shall find it, in all its glory, all through and through

They tell me, that our sweet Jesus, indeed walked on water 
I tell you my darling, believe in yourself, first and foremost, then if Jesus walked on water, you can indeed move the mountain

Show me no superstition, no my sweet, but the dream of the beloved, in all its manifestation 
Times indeed come and go, yes my darling, only truth shall prevail, not just, a bunch of hocus-pocus

The beauty of a maiden, my true love, in her heavenly glory, all totally bedazzled
Come my sweet, be my maiden, our true love, over-flowing, the glory of heaven, all manifest

I say unto you, that indeed, if there’s a God, there must be a miracle
Search not that miracle, no my darling, in the holy books, but within you, as you are, its very manifestation

Come my sweet, hold my hands, as we embark, on this path of reality
Not a path of delusions, nor a path of moronic fanfare, no my darling, but indeed, this very path of truth, and reality 

Each idea, and the very thoughts of conception, ingrained within its fabric, the very germ of infinity
Yes my sweet, our destiny, the very love of our salvation, embedded, within the bosom of infinity

As they linger on, in coming to pass, from the infinity past, to the very present 
Nurture it my darling, in all its glory, the mother of creation, in your womb, all by and by 

Remember my sweet, my infinity, not your love, but the very truth of our salvation
Will help us, and sustain us, in its full glory, till the infinity yet to come, all by and by

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