Mrs. Ebadi shoma ham baleh?

Dear Mrs. Ebadi shoma ham baleh?  

Some people, especially Eye-ranians are confused.  Who gave this news to the media (hint: the US media)?  How do you know this is true?  Because Yahoo news and few other sources said so?  

If you wish to criticize IRI there are plenty of issues to talk about, but please do not use a statement from a person who is ambitious and wants to be Nelson Mandela or Gandhi without having their credentials.   What will IRI gain by seizing the prize? 

Now, what will Mrs. Ebadi gain from saying that they took her award(s)?  Hear both sides talk, then discuss who is telling the truth.   On a similar issue, Mrs. Ebadi mentioned that when she returned to Iran (with her award about six years ago) millions of people came to airport to welcome her (this is her own statement). Okay, let’s accept her statement.  I am surprised why these millions of people are not defending her?  

Where was Mrs. Ebadi before or on June 12 election? (hint: not Iran) Duh!!   The countries that broadcasted her statement about the awards missing are those that are spreading other lies (hint: VOA)   Many Eye-ranians lied to remain in the Western countries.  There should be checks and balances for freedom of speech. 

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