ONGOING DEVELOPMENTS: Mousavi’s nephew shot through the heart & other items


–Oppressive regime is making new martyrs on a symbolic day for martyrs fighting an oppressor

1420 GMT: Parleman News is reporting that Mir Hossein Mousavi’s nephew was shot and killed in today’s demonstrations.  (BBC confirms Sayyed Mousavi was shot in the heart in Enghelab Square.  His uncle is currently at the hospital).

1350 GMT: Rouydad News is reporting clashes in Tabriz, with “probably at least four” killed.  (Would that be in addition to the 5 killed in Tehran and who knows how many others?  Meanwhile according the BBC the regime claims its forces shot no one in which case we’ll see these victims come back to life).

Rah-e-Sabz, still under cyber-attack, has reported, “Police forces are refusing their commanders’ orders to shoot at demonstrators in central Tehran….Some of them try to shoot into the air when pressured by their commanders.”

1135 GMT: Reports now of protests in Babol.

1130 GMT: Still a fluid situation with reports of gatherings and clashes throughout Tehran and in other cities. We have posted the first set of videos from today, including dramatic footage of protesters fighting back against security forces, especially at College Bridge (Pole Kalej). One report claims the forces relinquished Val-e Asr Square to demonstrators.


The next 2 items are from Persian2REnglish blog

JARAS EXCLUSIVE: Special Guard Forces Refuse to Shoot People

Green Way Movement network (Jaras): Special Guard forces are disregarding the orders of their commanders and refusing to shoot people.

Jaras correspondent reports that clashes all over Tehran are intensifying and police has lost control of many neighborhoods. Military commanders have asked their forces in central Tehran to use direct shooting to disperse demonstrators. But forces are refusing the command, causing disputes between forces and commanders.

A Jaras correspondent present around Enqelab Square clashes says: “After this dispute, one of the guards said: “I will never kill the people of my own country”, he was then slapped by his commander who threatened him with martial court.

According to Jaras correspondent, more forces are joining the demonstrators.

IRAN NEWS CORRESPONDENT: People Disarm Regime Forces in Vilna Streetr

Protesters attack a truck load of regime mercenaries, which was brought to Vila Street to suppress demonstrators. The mercenaries consequently ran away from the people, and their truck was set on fire.

Brave and freedom-loving people of Tehran set the truck on fire under the Hafez Bridge. They disarmed the mercenaries and confiscated their batons, tear gas and hats.


BBC: Some police have taken off uniforms and joined protestors.

VIDEO: Street Barricade in Iran

(Like the other video you can see how radicalized and broadened the opposition has become since June.  Khamenei’s brutal tactics have not only failed. They’ve backfired and enraged people.  As others say, the stolen election is no longer relevant or the issue.  An obvious criminal regime led by a Supreme Criminal & Thugs is the issue)

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