Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi on BFM TV Talk Show

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi with the French Talk Show Host Karl Zero (i.e: kind of the French Version of US Letterman’s talk show). This program was made prior to the elections in Iran and it’s bloody aftermath. The Crown Prince was on a European Tour to promote his latest book L’Heure Du Choix. One of the Iran “experts” journalist Bernard Guetta is interviewed on whether or not Iran is on the brink of Revolution and say’s he truly does not believe that the country is on the brink of an upheaval and even less tempted by a Restoration of the Monarchy. I leave the pertinance or not of this comment or those of the Crown Prince to your own judgement …

PS: If anyone has the opportunity or time to translate accurately into english or persian, It would be appreciated.

Watch Here in Three Parts:

Part I

Part II

Part III

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On US tv MSNBC a few months ago after the bloody aftermath of the Presidential Elections:

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