It’s us, not them

I was watching the debate between two politicians on Iranian state TV. They blamed opposition leaders for playing into the hands of foreign powers and creating the current crisis, which is the most serious the regime has ever faced.

Every Iranian regime, every Iranian politician blames everyone and everything for their own failures. And their favorite “enemy” is the media, especially foreign media.

The Shah and his government blamed the BBC for the 1979 revolution. And now these guys blame the BBC for the consequences of their own actions. And I guarantee you that the next regime will eventually accuse the BBC and foreign powers as well once something goes wrong inside the country.

When we blame the foreign media, whether it’s the BBC, VOA, New York Times, or whatever, we are saying that the people are so stupid and gullible that they can easily be manipulated. In addition, we are saying that foreigners are a lot more intelligent because Iranian rulers and media never seem able to manipulate the people as effectively as foreigners.

One of these days we have to realize that ultimately we are responsible for our own actions. We are primarily responsible for whatever happens to our country. We are even responsible for whatever type of regime that rules our country.

Foreigners, including governments, intelligence services, corporations, media…, ARE at work to influence what goes on in Iran and other countries in different ways, but their impact and influence is far less significant compared to our own thoughts and actions within our own society. We are not living in the 1900s. This is not 1953 when British and American secret services can dictate their will.

What we have in Iran is a genuine, popular, home-grown uprising against a brutal regime. Yes, the Americans love it. The Israelis love it. The British love it. But they aren’t alone: Practically the WHOLE WORLD is cheering for the Iranian people.

The anti-dictatorial and anti-clerical movement in Iran is first and foremost rooted in our own aspirations. A nation of 75 million people has experienced so much injustice for so long that it has decided enough is enough. There’s no need for foreigners to tell us how bad the Islamic Republic is and why it should go. Iranians have personally experienced this regime for 30 years. They know they deserve better.

So the demonstrations in Iran and abroad, as well as widespread outrage displayed on the internet should not surprise anyone. These are the most beautiful and courageous displays of civil disobedience our country has ever seen. This is a popular movement, not some foreign plot.

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