Losing Your Only Son

I remember this feeling—this vast empty feeling at my back—as if, were I to turn around there would be nothing there to see, just space, infinity, blindness. I felt utterly still inside. The thing was done. My father was dead. As I read the story of Iranian Pasadena couple losing their son this morning, I felt the same vast emptiness again although I don’t know this family and don’t live in the same State.

One of our own has just lost his only son. One of the most powerful ways to move through grief is to recognize that you’re not alone, that someone else has also walked this path of heartbreak and devastation. Help them work through their pain by reaching out to them in any way you can.I t can be incredibly powerful to meet and talk with other people who understand what you are feeling and experiencing. Reach out to them and don’t let them breave in isolation.


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