My Protest Experiences vs IRI Crimes & Consequences so far

JJ: “…widespread outrage displayed on the internet should not surprise anyone. These are the most beautiful and courageous displays of civil disobedience…”

People started forming groups and organizing protests.  Here is a list of my experiences:

They told me to Protest Against IRI Crimes:

January 2nd: FLASH MOB Protest in Central Park, NYC: 1:30 PM

I put on my black trench coat and headed out.  At 1:30 Sharp, I FLASHed the crowd and scared a 9 yr old girl.  Soon thereafter there was an Italian MOB poking and beating me. 

I got charged with one count of INDECENT EXPOSURE

January 3rd:  Large CROWD NEEDED—GATHER INFRONT OF IRANIAN INTEREST SECTION/DC                               3:00 PM

I took a flight out and paid $489.00 RT.  Arrived at the scene.  There was only 8 of us.  5 of them NEWS REPORTERS.  I decided to Rally A CROWD.

I looked around, jotted the names of businesses and shops, called 911 and called in BOMB THREATS against all Business around the Interest Section.

Soon, we had over 1000 people in our crowd protesting IRI Crimes.  The reporters were all happy taking pictures.  It was very festive for all.  Except,

I got charged with 5 counts of making TERRORIST THREATS


I DECIDED TO MAKE AN ANTI-IRI YOUTUBE video the most watched video ever

That was really tough.  I searched You Tube, looked for the perfect ANTI- IRI video.  I  started clicking and refreshing the screen.  I was averaging one VIEW per second.  in 24 hours, the YOU TUBE video had over 80,000 views alone.

I am still working on the project.  I NEED YOUR HELP.

The most Vatched video so far is that Looti dancing “Evolution of Dance” with 134,000,000  views.


My computer froze and now needs repair.


I was told to walk around with a noose hanging from my book bag.  Next thing I knew, I was being chased away by some black kids in my neighborhood.  Later I was told that the Noose is a reminder of lynchings against Blacks in Jim Crow’s time

I got charged with one count of DISTURBING THE PEACE

January 8: International Symbolic Work Strike Today in Support of   Democracy & Human Rights

I saw the petition on at the Perfect time.

I called in sick.  I skipped out on my Biochemistry Exam.  I plan to get all the questions from a Tree Hugging friend. 

Come Monday, I should be ready!  Unless questions are changed- then I would FLUNK!!!!

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