What you gonna do?

In referring to the desperate moment when law enforcement officers arrest a law breaker the theme song of popular T.V. reality show COPS says, “what you gonna do when they come for you?”

In each episode after a chase, on foot or in some form of vehicle be it motorcycle or whatnot, it is only a matter of time before the suspect is apprehended and carted off to jail to eventually face trial.

The events in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic reminds me of the COPS show all the times only in reverse. It is the authorities who are the lawbreakers and the people who are trying to apprehend them.

Those who are familiar with the historically proven tenacity of Iranians, especially Iranian women, would know once they make up their mind it is only a matter of time, in other words, a done deal. And it sure seems like a whole lot of minds have been made up about IRR.

All the stepped-up raping of Iranian men, women and children, all the limb chopping, all the torturing and cold blooded murdering have only fortified the Iranians’ determination.

So unless they get their hands on nuke, all these new long term sentences being handed out like candy to democracy activists including the calls for their executions for “Warring against God” is not going to make a bit of difference in the final outcome.

Right about now the Islamist Rapists, their dwindling supports and enablers should be contemplating what many have been humming for them:

“what you gonna do when they come for you?”



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