Imelda Marcos + Marie Antoinette = Khamenei’s wife

Like the French queen, Iran’s real “first lady” belongs to a man never elected to office by the people yet she sneers at the believers whose naivete allows her to live the high live. Her mocking attitude toward demonstrators recalls the most famous quote from that French queen (“If they want bread, let them eat cake.”)

When it comes to living in high style Ms. Khamenei makes Imelda Marcos look like a K-mart shopper.   Ms. Khamenei recently complained that she couldn’t imagine exchanging her present life for exile in some small Lebanese village.   Top that when as a good reason to continue beating, torturing, jailing and raping the Iranian people.  Can’t give up those goodies, can we, Mrs. Khoumeini?

Unfortunately, where Filipinos (also poor) had  to support only one Imelda Marcos (hundreds of designer shoes and underwear), Iranians have to support hundreds–the wives of multi-millionaire mullahs.   Here’s some amazing figures on foreign deposits held by 67 multi-millionaire clerical supporters of the Khamenei regime.   Like the Khamenei family all of these guys started out with nothing 30 years ago.  No wonder they adore the Islamic Republic as “ideal” for Iran’s common folk!  

Next–if you’ve studied those figures on clerical income–I’d like to ask you to make some amazing if obscene comparisons with clerics in the West.


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