IIC CALL FOR ACTION for sale of anti-riot trucks by the Chinese government to IRI

We were disappointed to see the news (See below) of the expedited sale and delivery of anti-riot trucks by the government of China to IRI to quell the democratic voices in Iran. The International Iranian Counsil (IIC) has started an email campaign to the LA-Times to shame the Chinese government as well as boycott the purchase of Chinese goods for their expedited sale of anti-riot trucks to the government of Iran. The call for action is also posted at the events section of the International Iranian Counsel (IIC) site in Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=244445327930&index=1.

We are calling on an email writing campaign to LA Times (until the end of Jan 2010) who was the first major newspaper in the US to publish the story. Below, please find the step-by-step details on the email-writing campaign to the LA-Times.


ACTION details

1. Please click on LA Times comment page at:

2. enter subject as: Expedited Sale of Chinese Anti-Riot Trucks to Iran

3. enter your email and name

4. copy/past (or your own comment) the following statement into the form:

Dear Editor,
Many of us in the Iranian Diaspora were disheartened by your Jan 1st, 2010 story that the Chinese government expedited the sale of the anti-riot trucks to the Islamic Republic of Iran. We want to express our disappointment and outrage on the sale of these anti-riot trucks to quell the democratic voices in Iran, and call for a boycott of Chinese goods by all those interested in seeing the establishment of a democratic government in Iran. Thank you.

5. click “send”

6. This step is voluntary: Sign the IIC site for the action at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=244445327930&index=1 so that we know the number of participants in the said action.


Early news details:

The following are some of the first stories that appeared in the news on the sale of the anti-riot trucks to IRI.

The original article in Persian2English site reports that they have multiple sources for this information, but do not divulge (maybe for obvious reasons?) the sources.

The bandar abbas picture quoted in most sites matches the Chinese anti-riot truck dimensions and the Chinese site.

The Los Angele Times is quoting an opposition sites (the U.S.-based Persian-language news website Rahesabz, or Green Path) on the Chinese anti-riot trucks.

Beirut News is quoting an opposition news website regarding the expedited sale of the Chinese anti-riot trucks.

Lots of talk in Tweeter (2, 3, 4, 5, …….) and Facebook regarding the expedited sale of the Chinese anti-riot trucks.

The US Today story quotes The Los Angele Times story.

And the list goes on…….

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