Ta’me Khoshe Zahremar!

Last week, Shoharjoon and I decided to clean up our “computer room” and throw out the books that are, let’s just say useless…now I hate to throw out any book because I hold a rather special place in my heart for books but let’s face it, “The Ultimate Guide to Fishing” is just taking up space.  

So, we began going through the books when I came across one called “Chicken Soup for the Soul”…and for anyone who doesn’t know (which I really doubt), Chicken Soup is a series of books that is made up of true stories (or so they claim) about people’s lives, the problems they’ve faced and how incredibly wonderful everything has turned out for them!  Basically these stories much like chicken soup, are supposed to make one feel all warm and fuzzy after eating them, I mean reading them!

Now I hate to admit it but I’ve certainly read my share of Chicken Soup and have shed many tears of joy for people I don’t know and have said many many “aaaahhhhhs”…however, there was a day in life when I reached the conclusion that these Chicken Soups are of no use!  But I guess one had slipped through and ended up on the shelf here in my computer room.  So I threw it away (ok ok so I put it in a bag to donate to the library, same thing…) and began to wonder…why can’t someone publish something useful?  I propose a book be written that is a compilation of true stories without happy endings!  Let people learn something damn it!  Imagine this, you read a story about some husband and wife who fight over something silly and get a divorce only to end up old, broke, bitter and lonely!  YOU LEARN SOMETHING…(well maybe)  or you read a story about a teenager who gets caught up in a gang and drugs only to end up a 40 year old man in a wheelchair at the homeless shelter! You MIGHT learn something….or a person who is told to quit smoking or else his lungs will fail…and instead of the Chicken Soup version where the guy continues to smoke and is miraculously healed by God…the guy doesn’t quit and dies!  You MIGHT learn something….and we’ll call the book “Tame Khoshe Zahremar”

Anyways as you can see Chicken Soup annoys me…so we cleaned up the room and got rid of anything that was useless.

By the end of the day and more tired than most evenings, I grabed my favorite blanket, turned the radio on and layed on the couch…

My Father hosts a radio show every now and then called “Naghmehaye Khoshe Gozashte” and I try to listen to it whenever I can.  For an hour he reads short stories, poems, blogs and plays amazing music such as Susan, Delkash, Ostad Banan, Vigen and so on…His voice has a certain soothing effect that I, as well as many other “women” listeners adore!  (for different reasons of course!!!)  I often wonder if others also grab a blanket and lay on the couch to hear him?  To me that’s the only way to listen to this show…this show that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside…and as these thoughts ran through my mind, the nice lady with the pretty voice said “Naghmehaye Khoshe Gozashte, ba Shahryare Golshani”  followed by Babajoon…

The topic was Eshgh and as I got lost in the music and sweet stories, babajoon read this poem:

عشق یعنی تا ابد آبی شدن
عشق یعنی لحظه ای بارانی و
لحظه ای شفاف و مهتابی شدن

عشق یعنی هدیه ای از آسمان
عشق یعنی یک صفای سازگار

عشق یعنی همون سلام اول
عشق یعنی چیزی مثل نتفس در هوای پاک کوهستان
عشق یعنی یک محبت طبیعی که باید اونو پرورش داد
عشق یعنی به هزار زبون بهش بگی دوستت دارم

I was starting to feel all warm and fuzzy when it hit me!  OH SHIT my Babajoon has turned into chicken soup!   What is this crap?  Eshgh yani…eshgh yani…For crying out loud let’s say something someone can learn something from…

And so the brave daughter comes to the rescue…

عشق یعنی از خود گذشتن
صندلی توالت را پایین گذاشتن

عشق یعنی همیشه او را پسندیدن
به لهجه او هرگز نخندیدن

عشق یعنی مادر شوهر عزیزه
یعنی دست پخت او خیلی لذیذه

عشق یعنی خاطره ها رو قاب کردن
یعنی رویاهاتو خواب کردن

عشق یعنی هر حرفی را شنیدن
مزه زهر حرفها را چشیدن

عشق یعنی رفتن به جایی که دوست نداری
یه مشت آدم بیخود با قصه های تکراری

عشق یعنی خواهر شوهر جان را پرستیدن
با هر سازی که او زد بدون بحث رقصیدن

عشق یعنی دست زدن به هر کار
به هر کاری واسه خوشی دل یار

عشق یعنی ناراحت نشدن
جلو پای کوچکترها پاشدن

عشق یعنی حرف نزدن
حقیقت را نگقتن… نه ابداً!

عشق یعنی از خود گذشتن
صندلی توالت را پایین گذاشتن

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