The Mushroom Effect

Unable to give strength to his argument, he ‘borrows’ from Murdoch’s other publications such as The Times and repeats the same unfounded allegations that Iran is engaged in non-civilian nuclear activities: ” UD3, when used in a neutron initiator, emits a stream of neutrons that ignite the core of a bomb”. This ‘news’ has systematically been debunked by The Guardian. But it would seem that Hitchens is on another cloud. He would have the reader believe that Hezbollah sports a new poster with a ‘mushroom cloud’ in front of Iranian embassy officials. Is Hitchens implying that such a parade, ‘poster’ and all, took place under the watchful eyes of the Lebanese authorities? Surely this would not have been in keeping with what Mr. Obama had in mind when on December 22, 2009 he said Lebanon is a crucial U.S. ally. Curiously, where was Murdoch’s Fox News to give this audacious act live coverage?

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