Zipping the unzipped

The authorities have arrested at least thirty of the mourning mothers who gather once a week in a Tehran public park for a candlelight vigil to console one another and commemorate the memory of the victims of the recent Islamists’ savagery.   

In the context of Islamists’ rule, historic wise, the raping, torturing and murdering of Iranian men, women and children is nothing new, as a matter of fact it is very much the norm. But arresting the mourning mothers of their victims shows the godly folks over at IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic are scared witless.

It seems gone are the days when the almighty “soldiers of the hidden imam”, intelligence ministry cutthroats in the sane world parlance, would call on the phone or make a brief visit to the families of their victims ordering them to zip it.

When you get to have so many victims, sooner or later, some of their surviving family members and friends muster the incredible courage to commemorate their loss publicly.

Due to overabundance of misery and accumulated grief brought on by the Islamist Rapists’ thirty year reign of rape, torture and terror, throughout the enslaved Iran there will increasingly be a whole lot of unzipping of pent-up grief and anger.

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