Calling on NIAC et al.

Three days ago was the first anniversary of the Obama presidency. As far as it relates to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic; this anniversary was a defining milestone.

A year ago in answering the call of all who apportioned the lion’s share of the problem to America, a total transformation in American-IRR relationship was begun by the Obama Administration. 

Now, after a year of living dangerously, after a year of friendly gesture after friendly gesture from the American side and in return hostility on top of hostility from the Islamist Rapists’ side has made it self-evident where the problem originates, accumulates and has to be dealt with.

Although the usual suspects have taken the highroad with a halfhearted, nascent advocacy of human rights in Iran, lack of it is more accurate, it does not diminish the total and absolute failure of their previous stand/advocacy.

There are just too may eyewitnesses and public records which attest to their activities which at best, to have some legal cover for the ones who are quick to sue their critics, mimicked, and still do to a lesser extent, as an IRR lobby.

It seems to me there are two basic questions begging to be asked.

Isn’t it time for those entities and individuals to be as systematically and ferociously anti-Islamist Rapist Republic in its totality as they were of the previous U.S. administration? 

If not now when?


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