The Ideal Man can be such an elusive concept. It can mean many different things to many people. Where does one even begin to make a list of the characteristics sought in the “Ideal Man”? Universal truths do exist which are educated, cultured, understanding, caring, compassionate, mentally, emotionally and financially stable.

Of course,then we have the physical appearance of said man. It is different for every woman as well in their particular tastes. I suppose as long as he is physically fit for his age, height and body shape. Yes, I know that I am being rather general.

Okay, now time for the specifics. Yes, a woman must find the man physically attractive otherwise there will be no chemistry. I know what you are thinking. What does science have to do with the “Ideal Man”? Well, without chemistry there will be no passion in the relationship. If there is no passion in the relationship then why on earth would you want a man in your life as a romantic partner.

Don’t get me wrong men can make excellent platonic friends. One more thing he must be able to be your friend first and actually get to know you. None of this rushing the relationship just to meet his needs so to speak. I don’t know about you but I don’t have any intentions of being used.

If he can’t take the time to know me then he will never be my man. A good listener would be very nice. Someone who loves Iran as much as I do. Who dislikes the current government of Iran as much as I do. A man that can agree to disagree. A man that will be there to listen to you when you have just undergone major dental surgery. A man that will take the time to talk to you when you have been hospitalized.

Let us not forget a man that totally adores you. Thinks that you are not only dangerously gorgeous but on the verge of being a femme fatale even when you don’t have much make up or don’t feel that hot. LOL A man that can just sit with you on a bench and enjoy the park like setting or ocean view. The view is totally awesome sitting on a bench in Kema. Just watching those yachts passing by as the wind gently blows on my hair. Just sitting next to him in his arms without having to say a single word.

No one to bother you. No one making demands or expecting things from you. Just you and your man in your own little world. Afterwards, you can have a wonderful meal. Especially if it is Persian food. Oh yes! I would love for my Ideal Man to know how to cook Persian food.  A nice foot massage would not hurt either. LOL 

Before anyone starts to chew me out! Yes, I would be just as good to my man. :o) I would go to the ends of the world for my man. My Ideal Man would not let anything stop him from being by my side.  Now, ladies what would you be willing to do to find your “Ideal Man”? Just to be with the most compatible man to you…….your soul mate.

PS: Yolanda, I will need your assistance in finding some suitable music to go with this blog. Thanks! :o)


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