Initiating mass distribution of article 2 of Iranian Secular Constitution

As part of a process of education and information dissemination on Secular concepts and leveraging it as a counter balance to non-secular constitutions being proposed from various groups and corners, we (the Iranian community) are disseminating the second amendment that is a synopsis of the constitution compiled by David ET, and worked on by MM and many others (see David’s thread on Constitution & mine on synopsis). The idea at this point is rather simple: To educate, disseminate and spread as widely as possible inside and outside Iran, the concepts (not detail) that will ensure the movement is synchronized on general ideas and principles. These are taken from amendment 2 of constitution compiled by david which has gone thru give and take so it is ready for distribution. So the idea is to fine tune the language of the distribution/pamphlet/email form. Post feedback I will translate and add both Farsi & English version and outline other steps in process. Target finalization is tomorrow for initiating mass distribution: “We the people of Iran wish and demand these principles as the pillars of the Secular State of Iran. That these principles form the framework of our vision, mission & purpose that shall guide laws, governing entities, and elected, representatives or their appointed representatives. That no person or entity shall govern, legislate, authorize, or otherwise support laws, legislations, treaties, agreements or undertakings inconsistent with these principles.”

Article 2

The Secular Republic of Iran is a system based on beliefs in:

1. Territorial Integrity, Independence and Sovereignty of Iran.

2. Respect for independence and integrity of other countries and promoting peace with all nations and countries.

3. Government of the People, By the People and For the People.

4. Three Independent Branches of Executive, Legislative and Judiciary of the government with limited terms and full accountability and transparency.

5. No Official Religions and ideologies.

6. Full separation of Religion and State at all levels without any exceptions.

7. Exclusion of clergy, religious groups, parties and organizations from government.

8. Freedom of Expression, Information, Beliefs, Media and Assembly.

9. Justice and fairness in legislations.

10. Implementation of the constitution, just laws and due process of justice.

11. No political prisoners and prisoners of conscious.

12. Equal Rights and Opportunity for all.

13. Gender Equality.

14. Full guarantee and legal protection of all human, political, economic, social, religious and cultural rights within the scopes of the constitution.

15. Conservation and improvement of environment.

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