Kudos to Elie Wiesel

The announcement by the show president of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic was short and to the point. Henceforth, in full violation of the international law the Islamist Rapists will drastically increase the percentage of their nuke enrichment.

Although this is certainly good news for IRR, its nuke lobby and the assortment of likeminded wackoes, it is very bad news for the enslaved people of Iran and the world.

The thought of nuke in the hands of messianic Islamist Rapists who have not a second of doubt to rape, torture, maim and murder Iranian men, woman and children is frightening enough to trigger a preventive military response.  

It would be foolish to think the clear and present danger the Islamist Rapists are posing will be met with a welcome basket from the sane world and the nuclear club.

One has to know things are becoming critical when Elie Wiesel who has exponentially more moral authority than all the Islamist Rapists and their backers could even dream of having a fraction of it takes out a newspaper Ad calling for sane world’s intervention.

The choices are as stark as always been but the difference is the luxury of time is not there anymore. Unless the sane world intervenes immediately and fully, the Islamist Rapists instigated war will be a foregone conclusion.

The sane world has to immediately impose airtight sanctions on IRR and at the same time unremittingly help the beleaguered Iranians with moral and material support to overthrow the Islamist Rapist Republic lock, stock and barrel.

For the sake of humanity, peace and all that the sane world promised not ever again to just “bear witness”; time for preventive intervention is at hand.



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