A letter to Obama

Dear friends

I am also an admirer of Chomsky. In line with Chomsky’s views, days after Israeli’s attacks on Gazza, I wrote the following poem on behalf of Ahmad Khatib’s father who donated the organs of his child, killed by an Israeli soldier to a hospital in Israel. The war lobbies are so strong that the media supporting war completely ignored such a beautiful peaceful gesture. Those who admire America’s foreign policy could perhaps respond by explaining why such a gesture was ignored by the media.

Your campagin

Dear President Obama

I enjoyed the Drama

Of your campaign and your fight

And your movement and flight

Your words were impressive

And not like Bush aggressive

I heard your words of wisdom

On your pathway to become

The president of USA

On this moment and this day

Unlike Condoleezza Rice

You sounded lovely and nice


Your speeches

I heard all your speeches

In big halls and big churches

Your speech on Dr King

Was very fascinating

I loved the passage you chose

And the way you did compose

The words from the scripture

In your wonderful lecture

You talked about the big wall

Which was so steep and tall

A wall that stopped all kinds

Unite in their hearts and minds

How the chorus and echo

Destroyed the wall of Jericho

How the people’s unity

Destroyed evil and vanity

You talked about deficit

And you were explicit

Deficits of different sorts

In groups and in cohorts

You talked about empathy

The kindness and sympathy


Dr King’s magnificent dream and words

You talked about civil rights

And Dr King’s clean fights

Of his methods and his team

And his fantastic dream

Of his great compassion

And his love and his passion

How he forgave his jailers

And those dreadful rulers

How he pardoned all of those

Evils who used fire hose

Of the madness of segregation

And the chains of discrimination

Of people being in exile

In their own land and their isle

That the blacks and the whites

Both should have equal rights

That both the Jew and gentile

Should have the same lifestyle


Your victory speech

In your victory speech

You told everyone and each

No one can now argue

That his dream came true

You said those who support peace

You will certainly please

And those who tear the world down

They will face the crackdown


About the catastrophe in Gaza

Where are you I can’t see?

There is a catastrophe.

Please come out of your shell

Gaza has turned into hell

It is worse than Montgomery

They are deprived and hungry

Innocent kids are slaughtered

Hundreds are killed and injured

Put an end to this nonsense

Please stop this offense


Treat Muslims with respect

If in US and Germany

People live in harmony

If in London and Paris

Jews and Muslims live in peace

So can a Jew in Jerusalem

Leave in peace with a Muslim


Please listen to Khatib

Please listen to Khatib

Who donated heart and rib

Of their child who was murdered

By a military coward

To children in Israel

For hope of peace and good will

Father said in this fashion

I want peace for everyone

But Israelis harshly

Ignored their thoughtful plea

There was little coverage

For this act of courage

Instead they were snobbish

So ignorant and rubbish

This is their ideology

Their thoughts and theology

This makes everybody sick

Except those who are so thick


Brutal offense or self defence

Did you know that little boy?

Was playing with his toy

What sort of a self defence

Is this dreadful offence

These are the words of George Bush

To justify the ambush

The victims of 2nd World War

Don’t want to see this horror

The decent Jews and Muslims

Are sufferers and victims


Please listen to Kaufman

Please listen to Kaufman

The right honourable gentleman

A well known labour veteran

Once a Labour spokesman

Please watch his video

Or listen to audio

Who told us a story

About Nazis history

That Nazis were so vicious

Considered us as worthless

That Israelis today

Behave in much the same way

That all those Jew did not die

So Israelis deny

The existence of Muslims

And cause so much problems

To think Muslims are worthless

But their lives are precious

Please stop giving arms

To Israeli gendarmes

Just for dealing with Hamas

Should not kill people in mass

They had the might and power

To get into and enter

Gaza and search everywhere

And to arrest each member

They should not use heavy hand

And starve them in their land

Libis has caused so much pain

For her election campaign

That woman is disgrace

To Jews and human race

She is a war criminal

Take her to a tribunal


The attitude of peaceful Muslims

My dear Muslim brothers

And also my good sisters

In their prayers every day

In a kind and caring way

Call a compassionate god

And the most passionate god

A god that is merciful

Lovely and beautiful

When they talk about Jihad

It means working very hard

So to become passionate

And the most compassionate


Words not war and reason not prison

There are millions on both sides

On either sides of divides

Who would like to coexist

And they would like to assist

In the twenty first century

Guns and bombs are history

Just like King and Mandela

They believe in kind Allah

And will appeal to public

In every world republic

This is not the people’s war

We don’t believe in terror


Seek the support of public

Seek the support of public

With reason and with logic

Just like in South Africa

And in South America

We were not able to fight

Injustice and apartheid

Without help from UK

The Europe and USA

But the rich and powerful

Were as foolish as a bull

The story is the same

Which is really a shame

For the sake of unity

And for humanity

We must open dialogue

And open a big blog

With honourable citizens

So we all learn some lessons

We will sit down and discuss

With those who are kind with us

We don’t discuss religion

It will cause confusion

I will mud all the issues

And we all begin to lose

Stick to common grounds

We don’t go out of the bounds

We have separate schemes

For our religious themes

This way we win our fights

Fighting for human rights

Just like we fought apartheid

Justice is on our side

We must avoid violence

And we must keep a distance

From those who will spread

Race and religious hatred

Even if we are hated

Don’t get intimidated

This way we get the respect

The respect that you expect


War only serves super rich

The war is for super rich

Who target and aim to reach

Many thousand billions

That is many trillions

Some rich Muslims and rich Jews

Do their utmost to abuse

The faith and the religion

In every and each region

They are partners in crimes

The worst crimes of all times

They build and sell the rockets

But we go out of pockets

They use “Christians!” like Bush

To sell for them and to push


The big wall in Palestine

The big wall in Palestine

I don’t know how to define

Like that passage in Bible

Physically divides people

Come on “Dr Luther King”

Sound your horn so we can sing

Please please ring the bell

So we can march and sing well

And hope like Jericho wall

Will crumble and will fall


Please turn your words to deed

Unity is what we need

Please turn your words to deed

Make up your mind and decide

If you are on our side

Please stop this at once

And stop this nuisance


Now I have a big dream

Now I have a big dream

That together as a team

Hands in hands in unity

Build the Jerusalem city

For both the Jews and gentile

In good fashion and style

Then we create a file

A file as big as a mile

For current differences

And future references

That war will be history

And just a big story


My ideal democracy and how to achieve this big dream

That governments of the people

Consult with us a little

That governments by the people

Become more respectable

That governments for the people

Are a bit more accountable

Use internet technology

To advance sociology

Before passing legislations

Engage people and nations

Allow people amend bills

Let the people use drills

Facilitate so we can

Each of us as human

Get involved in discussions

For each and every versions

Say yes or no in response

To respond to you at once

That you don’t go to the rich

To those monster who did teach

George Bush and all his allies

To start the war on lies

Those who messed the economy

Much worse than any enemy

Those who gave us a big punch

With this credit crunch

Those who advised government

To mess up environment

Those who got us all in mess

And made all of us depress

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