Iran, freedom of expression: Who told me?

 For the Iran,
freedom of expression series.


If the newspapers couldn’t write about it,
If the state radio and television would cover it up,
If the journalists and bloggers who talked about it were imprisoned,
tortured, exiled and silenced,
If the witnesses were rounded up and tried and executed

Then, how do I know?
Who told me?
Who showed me?
Who dared to get the word out?

To report the news of peace,
of pride,
of hope?

To report the shame of suppression,
the rapes,
the torture,
the murders?

I stand,
and dedicate this
my appreciation
my gratitude
my honor

To the hundreds,
and thousands
who dared,
who risked,
who witnessed and told the world
about my Iran,
my people,
their struggle,
of hope,
and peace.

Long live the unsung heroes and heroines of Iran,
the ones with the cell phones.

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