Sooner or later we all have to face the reality of whom we are. Today, I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out where I was headed. I was much troubled about a certain issue. I got in my white Mustang and I just drove. I had no real destination in mind. Just needed to clear my head and think things through.

I found myself at my son Arman’s door. He was more than happy to see me. We went to a mutual friend’s home. I was like in a daze as those around me went about their business. I spoke to my friend Alicia on the matter.

I told her that I had finally come to the realization and acceptance that I am a relic. Which is rather a sad idea. She said “what do you mean a relic?”  I told her that according to the dictionary a relic is “A surviving memorial of something past. A once widespread  form that survives in a limited area but is otherwise obsolete.”

She thought I was being funny. I told her, “sadly I am not joking for once.” I am very modern and liberal in my views. The only exception is when it comes to a romantic relationship. In all these years, I have not been able to get past my strict upbringing.

I have become obsolete. I simply don’t fit into the current dating trends. I am a woman from a time long since gone. I have finally accepted and come to terms with whom I am completely. I have decided that it is time that I stop the search for a soul mate.

It is time that I move towards a new direction. I will continue with my journey of self discovery  and tranformation into the best person that I can be. It will bring about the complete fulfillment that I was searching in another. I will instead find it within me. :o)

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