Democracy of Fascism

There is a fascist within you

Lurking to come out,

Given the right opportunity


There is a punisher in you

Taking pleasure from hurting others

Demeaning them

Ripping them into shreds

(If you could get away with it)


It will surely spring into action

When the conditions are right


There is a follower in you

Offering no resistance or opposition

When the dark winds come


Too willing to go along with the powerful

To engage in questionable acts on their behalf

Targeting your fellow human beings

You’ll conceal yourself in the crowd

Your exemption from any liability


And when someone raises a worry

You’ll turn to them and say:

“Decent and law-abiding people

Don’t get nailed to the cross.”


Alas, unless you are critical of yourself

Unless you have your own mind

Unless you are committed to peace

Unless you have thought a great deal

About life under authoritarianism

There is a fascist in you

Yes, in you.

Waiting in ambush

All too ready

To click his or her boots

In subordination


-Rotterdam, Netherlands

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