Ten reasons why camels are not smart animals

1. Their head is wedged in their back,

2. They take their dreams as realities, hence the rhyme shotor dar khab binad panbeh daneh …

3. They cannot make the difference between good and bad, that’s why when they are thirsty they even drink their piss,

4. They give free riding to humans even if they are not feed in return,

5. They can be bad-tempered and untrustworthy animals capable of inflicting a vicious slashing bite (smart animals don’t do that!)

6. They usually smell like a warm sweaty sock that someone wore while running a marathon and they don’t care,

7. They have been misused for centuries by humans and they haven’t been able to upgrade their rank among other animals,

8. Different cultures make fun of them (Greeks use the term καμήλα: an ugly woman, usually tall and ungraceful for camels, and even arabs for whom a Camel rider is pejorative and refers to archaic modes of transport) and these animals don’t simply care,

9. They eat everything they find, even cardboards,

10. They cause stupid accidents

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