The Story of Sasan and Djalal (edidted and updated)

The Story of Sasan and Djalal edited and updated

My name is Sasan J. I am a collage teacher in Community
College for Arabic, German, Persian and Latin languages. Before I was teacher in High School for Latin and German. I was teacher in seven different countries and in four continents. I was born in a family with three different religions. Christianity, Moslem and Bahá’í. My mother was Bahá’í, a school teacher, my father was Moslem and police colonel and part of my family was Christians.

First I was student in an Iranian public school. As long as the students knew that my mother was a Bahá’í, they start to tease me. They said bad words about Bahá’í, and always in four or five persons attacked me, so I had no chance to defend myself properly.
Sorrowfully my mother always told me that I should not fight and just not communicate with other students. But they do not need my attention, they attacked me any how. My mother meant if I do not speak with them, they will let me free. But this was not the case; the people are cruel even as children.

As long as they knew I am different, my mother is not Moslem that
was a good excuse for them to tease me. They throw stones to me and almost every day I came home with blood in my face and my shirt. My father was much older than me and he had two wives in the same time. He was about 52 years older than me and he was busy and did not concern about me. And because of the age difference he did not understand my problems. My beloved mother washed my head and face and cleaned me from blood and encourage me to continue to go to school next day, because I did not want to go to school any more. In the way to come home or to go to school the Moslem children said bad words about the Bahá’í, faith and his founder.

And they through garbage and small stones to me. I was only eight years old, and did not know the different between the two religions at all. So as an eight years old child I was persecuted by Moslem children, because my mother was Bahá’í. I am writing this true story, because I am trying to remove these difficulties for other children andI hope the people will concern about this problem.

I hope we can remove all these difficulties and will make the life nicer for the people in the world. The situation was so hard that as a child I decided not go to school. My mother sent me to other public school, but in this school I had the same problem. For a while everything was nice, but as soon as they knew that my mother was not Moslem, the situation changed and they tease me again. My mother had so many serious problems that my problem was not so obvious for her. But after a while my mother sent me to a Christian private school. I did understand that she! should pay a lot of extra money, but she was willing to pay this money. She sold her gold rings and pay part of this money and the rest she borrowed from friends. I have been not only persecuted by Moslem children, but also by Bahá’í, children as well. When we had Bahá’í, guests, my father forced me to pray Islamic prayer in Arabic very loud, so that the Bahá’í, guest could listen. They made fun about me and said the Moslem boy and the grand son of the Ayatollah is praying.

Persecution is a very bad situation and it is very hard and only the people who persecuted can understand this. Persecution is harder when you are from a house with two religions that hate each other. So both members of the both religions will persecute you. You have a little support. In Persian they say thousand friends is not enough and one enemy is too much, because the one enemy is always behind you to harm you, but thousand friends are in their places.! Some children are very cruel and if they see some one has a negative situation, they will tease him or her. So my school time was full
of persecution concerning religions. But any way with the help of my mother I did finish the high school in Tehran and finished the university with a BA degree I went to Germany to be more educated. Now in Germany I had another problem, now my religion was not important, the nationality comes in action.

Some normal low class German do not like foreign so much. I was in Iran a good upper middle class, but in Germany I was low class, as I had not the same support from family in Germany any more. The extra cost was renting a room and the school tuition and all other materials were more expensive than in Persian. So I was persecuted in Germany, because I was Iranian and not rich. Sorrowfully some Germany persecutes the foreigners and pre judge them.

They do not rent rooms to foreign if a German student ! will rent that room. So it was very hard for me to rent a room. They do not rent to foreign easily. They rent to them those rooms that the German student does not want to rent.

But as soon as I was teacher the situation changed in my favor. I was high school teacher and live for a while good and respectful there. I enjoyed these years very much and I had enough money as the German teacher are paid very well. But again a teacher name Dr. Sindler did not like me or may be did not like foreigner. A lot of German teacher liked me and helped me, but he does not. He tried to make the life hard for me. Sorrowfully the principal of the school who was like a father to me changed, too. The principal of the school did not foreign teacher in the school and especially he did not like Iranian. I mean they said that to me. These nice three years was going to be finish soon as they both tried to have me out of the school. They tried to push the ! kids against me and as they were two and German and know the system much better than me, so they were ahead of me.
The Germans generally support Germans. I had a German friend who was teacher and he supported me, but he did not want to have difficulties with the principal, too. So my situation was hare again. One day a girl was crying in my class. I asked her Gabi why you are trying so badly, what has happened to you. She said Dr. Sindler told her, that you are so unlucky that now a camel rider is teaching you. In this time Iran was in very good economical situation and people could get job easily. So as the life was not nice for me any more, so I decided to go back to Iran.

One week later I was flying to Iran, I was so happy that I can go to my home country again. I said to myself in the aero plan “Amir you never go out of Iran, you will stay in Iran and will work or research there. You will never come out of Iran any more. In! all possible conditions you will stay there and will try to live there.

I had a good time as I came back to Iran. I was university teacher, I had completed my degrees. I was general consultant to the state secretary; I had a lot of Americans and foreigners working under my supervision. Even later after the revolution in Iran I kept my position for a while then I lost my position as a general consultant to the state secretary, but German Embassy School invited me to be a teacher there. And a private university gave me job. I had in these time a huge salary and lot of good friends, I was a beloved person in the family and everybody respected me. The British Ambassador was one of my close friends. I helped my sister to go to Britain and study there and later she came to the USA for study. As I was sensitive and help the people as far as I could I came to trouble again. As we had 3 religions in the family so it was very hard to! be married.
Generally the marriage of people with two religions is very hard and difficult. In Iran the girls want to be married before the age 19 if they do not go to the college. If they go to college they want to be married before the age of 23. In Iran the people say if the girl is 20 and still is not married, we should cry for her. In many countries in that area the people do not let their children have boy friends or girl friends as it is a custom here. They do not allow the young people have sex before marriage. So generally the girls and boy have no sexual relationship before marriage. The only way that people can have a normal sexual relationship is to be married. My sister was 27 years old, she was very worried and almost sick, and even I and my mother were worried, too. As the society looked down on her she could not live in Iran easily. In the USA the people do not care and even girls with 4o has still chance to be married.

I could not marry, too. First I had the same problem, the two religions, and second she would be more sick and upset, if I was married and she was not. The Moslem and Bahá’í, both were rejected us as we had Moslem family and Bahá’í, family.

As I had a huge salary, the middle class girl wanted to marry me. 60 Moslem girls and Bahá’í, girls rejected my offer, but the 61 accepted it. This girl had a father without any education and a mother with poor education, and she was send out of university, because she was Bahá’í. I could not marry Moslem girls in my level, because my mother was Bahá’í and I could not marry Bahá’í girls in my level, because my dead father was Moslem and part of my family was Moslem, too. My father as I told you had two wives in the same time a Moslem wife and my mother, the Bahá’í wife. I had 5 brothers and one sister from my Moslem mother. They were nice and friendly to me as I had a huge ! position and a nice situation. I could help the people easily, as I had a powerful position and people loved me and respected me and listen to my words.

I helped one of my best friend, he was in a very hard situation, his wife died, he had six small children, my high school students, and his house need badly repair and his building for rent need a lot of repair to be rented. After a lot of asking, I gave him some money to help him out. Instead to be thankful and be friendlier to me and appreciation, he wrote to government of Islamic Republic of Iran and the revolutionary court that I gave him money and was nice to him, because I wanted to change his religion. That is a criminal case in Iran. If the people say, that you wanted to change their religion, the government will force you to write article in the newspapers and say bad words about other religions.

I denied so they sent me to jail. I thought with all my documents which I have, I will have the right, and any judge who see my documents will support me. I have documents that show
exactly that I gave him money. But the situation was not so. The corrupted people took money from him and supported him and they sent me to the jail. All my documents were ignored and they do not even read them. So I was in jail. I have a lot of difficulties because of the religion problems. After a while as I was persecuted and could not work and live in Iran and have no activities at all and even my life was in danger and I was always be treated to be sent to jail again, I decided to go out of Iran and break my own promise. I wanted first to go to Germany, but the German government and Embassy, that I worked for them so long, did not give me a visa, as they had good relationship with the Iranian government. I was teacher in Germany, and I thought it is easy to get a work as a teacher there again. So as their relationship and their business was more important they do not give me a visa. They did not even give me the documents that I worked in the Germany Embassy School in a separate form.
So I was persecuted by German, because I was persecuted by Iranian government. My sister told me, that I should come to the USA and should sent as much money as I can to her and she will make a nice future for me here. But as I came here, the husband said do not come to us, if you come to us I will call the police. So again I was persecuted by the old husband of my sister, because he thought the Iranian government will kill me or I cannot come here, but I was here and he sees the money that I sent to my sister and is in his hand now can be spent for me, so he had support as an American citizen and the law will support him. He does not need me any more; I have been persecuted by him. As I was in Germany the first school hired me, but here it was difficult for me to be hired, too. With all my degrees and experience I could not work as a full time teacher for a long time. I was one year a full time teacher, so I brought my wife and 3 children here, too. But as I lost my full time position, my wife divorced me
and wanted child support. Now they do not want me any more. They want money and the government takes from me and gives to them. I have the feeling that here, I am persecuted, too. Because my sister does not want me and does not visit me at all. They took all my remain capital. My ex-wife does not want me and she took the rest what she could. As I lost my position and my huge salary, they have gone and I have been persecuted.

The Bahá’í do not want me, too. As my sister and ex-wife to protect their cheating activities will lie about me a lot. Because I have been rejected by society, my own family rejected me, too. They do not give me any chance to explain my situation. They do not read my documents. I have no friends an! d family any more. I have been persecuted from many sides. But I think positively and will work for the unity of mankind, regardless to the religions, nationalities and races. I am trying to get now an American degree. As my Iranian degrees are not respected here. A principal in the school system told me. He prefers the teachers with American degree, so after so many persecutions I am trying to get an American degree.

Jun 1, ’05 3:00 PM
for everyone

I hope my true story will help the Iranian young people and other people.

I am trying to explain the problem which exists in the world now, in this true story. Why do the people hate each other and why do we have so many terrorists? Why our children should have the same problems we experienced. Why we should not try to remove these problems for ever.

Because the systems in the world force the people to be indifferent, and most people are already indifferent. If you are indifferent you are safe. If you want to work for the people, humanity and the unity of mankind, you will be punished.

I do not know if you heard these examples: if somebody needs help and is close to a water well hole, to be safe and not have any difficulties from him/her push the person in the hole. If you are indifferent and cold and have no sympathy about the people, nobody will harm you, but if you try to help the people, the people whom you especially have helped will try to destroy you. Why? Do you know why? I know why… because the system is based on to be indifferent.

I do not know from where I should start. I hope that my story will help the humanity and the unity of mankind, and also hope my story will warn some leaders to take the people and the system under their control and be very considering about just. As long as some judges, law and the police forces are indifferent, the problems will stay.
Generally the people should not be persecuted because they are different by birth or by culture of their parents or nations. What can we do if we are born male, female, black, white, Asian or European and mixed? Why we should have difficulties if we are born in a Moslem family, or in a Christian family or in a family whit two religions. Bahá’í and Moslem. Why should we be persecuted, because we are trained or learned differently?

The people who are born in a family with two religions, two races or nationalities, have sometimes especial difficulties and different problems, as the people with one religion, race or nationality.

I am trying in my true story to describe these problems, and I hope one day we can remove this problem from the world society.

As many writers have written numerous stories for humanity and the unity of mankind, I will try this, too.

As a victim born in a family of two religions, I had different problems that a person born in a family with one religion would not have. As a teacher who was in many different international schools in seven different countries, I have collected a lot of experience which I think could be interesting for some people.

I was born in Iran in a family of two religions. My mother was Bahá’í and my father was Moslem. When you are from two different religions, especially, when the believers of these religions are not friendly to each other and they do not respect each other, it is very hare to survive. I am not the only one. I know a lot of friends of mine whit two different religions and as I have spoken with them, they have all almost the same problems. So it is not only my problems, it is a problem of many people. Sometimes they will be misused by the members of the both religions.

Both sides want you to be killed for their religion, and less than killing does not satisfy them. You are the victims for the both sides. I had a Jewish friend, who married a Moslem girl. Both sides and both family have persecuted them. As if you married a murder.

Only if you are rich and powerful, it is not so important and the members of both religions will accept you somehow. The problem starts when you do not have a powerful job or you are not rich, or you are not highly educated, something like specialist in the medical fields, if you do not have these positive points, it makes very hard to survive your existence.

The problem begins when middle class people are not very rich or powerful. As a university teacher in Tehran, I had a lot of nice students whom I loved very much like my own children, and I tried to help them as much as possible. I was very well respected and had a huge salary and a beloved teacher. I had a very nice and good friend. He was very close to me and I shared the story of my life with him. He knew all about my life. His wife had died and he had six children, most of them teenagers and very young. We had grown very close to each other.

After the revolution in Iran, his business was stopped. The people occupied his building and his business and he was in very bad shape. His company was not working any more as the system in Iran had been changed. His partners had gone to other countries and had left him behind. I was the teacher of his children and he asked me many times if in my free I could help his children, as he said he trusts me and could let me in his house with his daughters and sons. I did my best and helped them with their school materials. As far as I could, with love and interest. My classes w! ith his children were three to four hours a day sometimes, so during the classes or at the end of classes, he came home from his activities or his work.

We got closer and closer to each other. He said all his friends and families had gone to other countries and he had no one here to help him. He came to my house and called the people in other countries and asked them to help him, he said his telephones are controlled by the government so he prefers to use my telephone in my house. I did not know what he was saying and doing, but it seemed as if he was trying to help his children.

He always said if he had good friends, he could come out of this situation much easier. He said” Amir you are working in the German Embassy School and you have a lot of European and American friends. Why do you not ask them to give me some money to repair my house and rent it? I need the money only for 20 days.”

He had a big, six story building in Tehran, Bahjatabad, which had been occupied by people who had misused the revolution for their own benefits and rubbing other people capitals. He tried and sent them out of the house with the help of the Ministry of Just in Tehran, but the people damaged the whole house, so the house badly needs repair. He asked me for a loan many times and with a sorrowful voice and crying said, “ Amir I need the money just for few days. As soon as I repair the house and paint it, I could rent it and will have paid you back quickly. You can see yourself the big building, it is totally dama! ged and needs a lot of repair. It could be rented quickly, as soon as it is repaired; there is no problem at all. Help me please.

You have such a nice important job and you have so many European friends and they make a lot of money here in Iran. I heard a German teacher makes about 10,000 to15, 000 Marks in a month. They like you and trust you and know you very well. I need about 50,000 Marks, to repair the whole building and will have pay you back just in 20 days. Please do it for me, I beg you, do it for your students, my children. You see they are good students and they learn so well, give those more possibilities, more chance to learn.

If I have enough money from the rent, I could use this money for them so they could be better educated; what is your goal. You wanted always the Iranian children be very well educated. That is a good chance. You are a teacher and you are not indifferent with your students. Are you? I do not think so. Get the Detusche Mark from them. I will sell these Marks in the market and I will change them to Toman, the Iranian money and will have repair the house in less than one month. I promise it to you. You will see. I will keep my word.”

He cried many times and gave his word many times to me. He showed the big building to me and explained many times his plan with a lot of crying and begging, and asking. He promised many times that he will pay me back in just 20 days and he repeated this many times. He gave me the documents of his houses and the passports of his children and other documents and asked me bitterly for help. He wrote even letters stated that he would repay the loan back in 20 days. And I still have all these documents.

With the introduction that he was always a very nice and very friendly person to me and his children were polite and friendly and they learn very well and after showing me all the documents that he was providing for me plus the promises that he made every time. You will give up and you are not so careful any more. That had happened to me.

I felt very sorry for him and after a while, I asked my German friends for 50,000 Marks for just 20 days as he said and gave him the money. He gave me a receipt in Toman, the Persian money. I was happy that I had helped a friend in a very hard, bad situation. He repaired his house and now after 20 days he was saying that he could not find customers to rent his apartments of his building, and he wondered if I could help him to find customers for his apartments. The prices that he was charging were two times more than they were worth. I did not know at that time that he was playing with me. It was clear that I could not rent his apartments.

After 20 more days he said that he was not able to pay me back, he asked me if I could ask my German friends to give him two more months’ time. I had no other choice and I still trusted him and thought he really was trying to repay back his loan, so I gave him two more months’ time to pay me off. I believed him and I thought he had tried very hard to keep his promises. After that he asked for six more months’ time. I still had faith in him.

This time my German friends did not want to wait any longer, they wanted their money immediately, so I got some money from my relatives and my father-in-law and sold some of my properties and gold to pay my German friends their money back. I still believed that he would not let me down and will keep his promises. After six months, he asked for one year more. And later for two years and one day he said, that despite my patience, he may not repay me for ten years or it could be tomorrow. He was tired concerning me and my problem which had been generated in reality by him.

He saw that I was very upset. He told me that I had enough documents and the country had law, he told I am not the only one who had a loan and you are not the only person who gave a loan, so go to the government and the Ministry of Just ( state secretary for just) and ask for help. Because he was really tired of my asking and wanted to release himself, he thought he did not need me any more and he did not want my friendly way any more also, as he knew the just system in Iran like many other country is very slow and the people working there are indifferent or corrupted.

He had also a lot of friends in the state secretary and he knew they would help him against me. Now I, his best friend whom he said he was willing to die for, did not have any interest in me and my hard situation anymore; he was indifferent toward me. I was not indifferent concerning him and his difficulties.

He told me to get out of his house and do what ever you could, and he pushed me out of his house. That was the end of our great friendship. He sold me with the loan. Then we fought with each other and he called his children for help. The all attacked me. I came out of his house and was covered with blood. I went to his nephew’s house and asked him for help. He took me to my friend’s house who was a medical doctor and from there, I went home.

After reaching home and resting a little, the doorbell rang and two police officers were there to take me to the police station. After I left his house, he gathered his relatives and claimed that I had attacked him, and they confirmed his words, then he went to the police station and asked them to capture me.

Now the two police officers came to my house to take me to the police station. I spent the night there; until I was released by my father-in-law’s house documents. Now he was willing even to damage me, destroy my life and even kill me. He wrote letters to the revolutionary courts, other courts and universities, saying that I was a Bahá’í and accused me of trying to be a university teacher to teach the innocent Moslem students to change their beautiful true religion to a false religion, the Bahá’í faith or Christianity. And he stated that I am the agent of Germans and the spy of Zionists. Then he went to other courts and accused me cheating him.

Mr. Ghasemkhanian and Mr. Safarian, the two government persecutors and state attorneys were against me and they took his side. That was funny and sad, he got so much money from me and I had all the documents, his son’s checks and his letters stating by his hand writing and his signature that he owed me money, but he was saying that I owed him money and his words were accepted and my words were ignored so acted the Ministry of Just for me in Tehran.
The system is so weak that without any documents they had taken his side. But my documents, testimony and explanation words against him were sent from one court to the other court and nobody had interest to read them.

All my documents and paper works were in a moving motion position, so I could not even ask a court to read them, because they were in the way to another court. His friends did this work and sent legally my papers from one court to another one. Because he knew the people and they had helped him and had sent my papers to different location to different courts from east to west and from north to south, so in this way my documents were always on the way to reach one to the court locations in our Just system.

But what ever he said was considered and examined with a lot caution and interest, and the persecutors were so willing to work for him so finally they found an excuse to send me to jail, so I should fear the court system and release my capital for him. I was sent to jail.

After being released from the jail, I tried to have contact to the highest level government officials to get my right. But now the police station could not find him. They could find me easily, but they could not find him or his son who wrote the bad checks. He said that I must pay him, because he spent money for me and stated he gave me money. Why not, when the system is so indifferent or is illegally in his side why he should not say that he gave me money and I must repay him.
Exactly the opposite happened. As he saw the condition is so slow and the officials are so indifferent, he thought why he should not claimed that I owed him money.

I do not know how funny it looks. But it was so, I had checks and other documents showing that he owed me money, but he had just said that I owed him money and his testimony was accepted as a document.

The justice system took all his words and testimony as true words and acted seriously according to his false words. But my words and documents which were true were not important and had been ignored completely. So cruel was system, if I was not Amir, I would have been attracted to terrorist who are saying they are working for just.
It is very painful to lose the huge money and be accused as a thief, too.

With other words, the justice system was after me, and not after him. I wrote my story in Iranian newspapers and went to very high level government officials and my old friends to get some help from them. He wrote again another letter that I am a Bahá’í and tried as a university teacher to change the religion innocent Moslem students. He sent this letter to many places and I was involved with a lot of Organizations.

You see I helped him and loved him and wanted to do a good job for him, but he was trying to kill me and damage my life totally. What will you do, you will get so upset that you want to be not any human any more.

One of my friends who always helped me was Djalal. He said” Amir, I know that you are hurt badly and had a very hard time, but listen to me. The power of money turns friends to foes and relatives to enemies. You know that I am like you. I was born in a family with two different religions, Bahá’í and Islam. I was only fourteen years old as for the last time my father called me to his bed and told me “Djalal, I am dying today or tomorrow. Your mother is a nice woman, very quite person; help her and be in my place for her.

You have also 7 half brothers and sisters; they will be nice to you. I know that.” He looked with his almost dead eyes in my eyes and the light of his eyes were fainted and kept my hands in his skinny hands, which was only bones and skin. He had spent over one year in bed and was badly sick. I do not know which illness he had, but he fought for one year with his bad sickness in the bed. All his powers had gone.

He was almost a dead man in the bed and he knew it. He was not in this world any more, but he was trying to be for few minutes more alive. But he wanted to speak with me and maybe that was the only power kept him alive.”

Now Djalal was remembering his childhood and continued “I cannot forget him in a dark beautiful blue uniform full of gold medals as a colonel of the police force. His uniform was covered and designed with pure gold edges and matched very well his high huge body as a very strong sport man. He was like a real king for me as he kept my little hand in his big powerful hand. We walked together on the street. People and soldiers liked him very much. At that time only high class people could attend the military academy or police academy, you must be from a very good family to have the permission to wear uniform of an officer. But now all his muscles had gone; there were no muscles in his body anymore. All what was there was skin and bones.

He looked at me and said,” Djalal, I have a daughter. Her name is Forough, the light of my life. Please take care of her and give your words that you will take care of her anywhere and for ever. “This powerful proud man now was looking in my eyes and asking for my help, in the eyes of his little boy with love and please for a promise and for my words.” Please Djalal; promise me that you will take care of Forough, my light of my life.” I started to cry and said,” O yes, my father I will do everything that I can for her. He was crying and his lightless eyes were wet. “No, Djalal, you must promise me that you will take care of her completely just like your own daughter and love her as your own daughter. More than a sister.

Please promise me, so I can die in peace.” I said,” yes father, yes my father; you are a colonel of police. You are a strong man. He laughed bitterly and said,” with this condition, I am more a dead man than a strong man. My time had gone. So please promise me.” I continued, yes I will promised you with all my heart and I cried bitterly. Now the powerful colonel could not even move in his bed.

He smiled at me and said,” Djalal I believe your words and promise. You will have a very hard time. I know that you will keep your promises and you will never break your words. “So he gave me spiritually the light of his life; his youngest daughter and smallest child he had in my hand. He loved her very much as a father loves his baby daughter. And after that the last light of his eyes had gone. He closed his eyes and opened them again, but he could not close them anymore, there was no life in his body and no light in his eyes for ever.

My half sister came in the room and took me in her arms and kissed me with love and cried so bitterly. “I love you Amir, and I will be always for you here in the place of your father. You are not alone I am always with you.” My half sister was very nice to me. The father gone and all of us nine children had lost the powerful man who fought for many years with his sickness and died after spending one year in bed.

My full sister, the little girl, with her big beautiful eyes was in the other room and was looking sad at me. She was confused and she did not know what action she should do. She was so young and sensitive that the dead of father was very hard for her to understand, as she was the same age as the children of my brothers who were playing in the garden and for them the situation was different. Their grandfather had died not the father. She was looking with love and trust at me. Later she came in my arms and kissed me, too.

Amir you know all of these I told this story to you many times. You are hurt by your friend, whom you loved and helped with all your power and he misused your love and trust and was misusing the law in Iran. As there is no interest in the Islamic law and the inflation is very high, he would pay you as late as possible, because he gains money with delay. The price properties go up but the value of your money comes down. That was his goal. But listen what my family did with me. Amir, I know it is very hard to be misused by a friend, whom you loved and trusted so much, but listen to my story.

After my father died, I was now the head of the family. My mother the lovely lady was very upset, but what can she do? The life continues and we must go further.

I changed my school. I had to go to another school, because the children were now very cruel to me. As a child without father and with a Bahá’í mother, I was in trouble. So I had to go to another school, which was about one hour walking distance from my house. The children throw stones at me and said bad words about the Bahá’í faith and mentioned that I have no father anymore. They said,” Oh, you fatherless boy with the false religion and wrong faith; Oh you the Bahá’í dog. Your prophet died in the glass coffin and they said a lot of bad words about the founder of the Bahá’í faith, that I cannot mention them. It is very hard and very impolite and bad.

That was only a small difficult time that I had with the Moslem children. But the Bahá’í’ is children were not nice to me, too. They said” Oh Bache Mosalmon, Bache Akhond, Ayatolah zadeh. Oh son of a Molla and son of a clergy Moslem. So I had difficult time from both sides.

At least my mother changed my school and later I went to a Zoroastrian, Christian High School in Tehran. It was very far and I must take two buses to reach the school. It was in another city. But in the public school the Moslem children had made the life hard for like a hell.

I finished this high school and later I went to the state university and graduated from the government public university of Tehran. Forough finished the private university. In the time that I was student in the government university; I had worked at the same time in a private elementary school as a full time teacher and I had a good salary.

Now Forough wanted to go to other countries for her Master degree. She had a salary from her father who was divided between her and the step mother. That was enough in Iran for a girl student, but not for students in England. So I gave the rest of the money to her and she went happily to England to study. She was so nice and so loving that I would do anything for her. She kissed me with so much love and unity as I gave her all my saving, all of the money that I had at that time, I put in her hand ! and she was so thankful and appreciative for my love and unity.

I paid always the rest of her costs in Europe and in the USA with love and interest and I wanted that the little sister should not have any difficulties in her life for the financial problems. Now Forough had her master degree and wanted to get married. But the two religions problems now came in the face again. For Moslems, Forough was Bahá’í with a Bahá’í mother. For Bahá’í she was a daughter of a Moslem dead man with seven brothers and sisters who were all restricted Moslems.

Generally if you are in a family with two religions none of them accept you totally. Especially in Iran where the name of religion is important not the action to be good. The Moslems were afraid to be married with a Bahá’í girl and be connected with Bahá’í family. They did not like to have Bahá’í relatives after the marriage in their environments and in their family.

For Bahá’í she was the daughter of a Moslem father. For the Moslems she was the daughter of a Bahá’í mother. And so they both candidates ran away and Forough was very sad and disappointed about this matter. I had the same problem but it did not bother me so much as it did to Forough.

She blamed me, that I should do something about this matter. I introduced my good friends and even introduced my European and American friends and even asked my American friends to find a good husband for her. But all this trying did not work for her and she was single and cried that she will die as a single. She was very upset and disappointed concerning this situation. She said nobody will marry me and I get old as a single unmarried virgin old girl who lived with her brother.

She was also afraid to be unmarried and live with me. One day we went together to a feast. The host and hostess were old people, old unmarried sister who lived with her old unmarried brother. Forough cried the whole time as we came back home and mentioned me many times that will be my future and yours.

I did not take her so seriously, but for her marriage was very important. In the West the girls and boys could have boy friends and girl friends and could have contact with each other. As here is allowed to have boy friends and girl friends, so they are not so limited like in Persian. In Iran the girls and the boys could not have close relationships. They must generally stay untouched until they marry. And the girls are generally virgins.

Then one day Forough said, Listen here I cannot get married and have a normal husband. I will go study in the USA again and will try there to get married. My mother and I agreed that I will take care of mother in Iran and take care of the house so she can go to the USA and will try to have a nice life in the land of opportunities. So she went again to the USA and I stayed in Tehran with my beloved mother.

In Iran the war started and Iran and Iraq used force against each other. They killed each other people in the name of God. They said always the other side is not a real Moslem; they accused each other to be false Moslems. Iran government is Shia and Iraq government was Soni. The two big branches of Islam religion.

The business people were marketing this war to sell their weapons, which were for a long time stored. They sold their old weapons to both countries more expensive than a normal price in the black markets and many people make huge money because of this condition and used their young people for seeing how their weapons function.

Millions of people from both countries had been killed or wounded, because a sick uneducated stupid dictator wanted to have more power and he thought Iran is in a weak position and he could have got some land. He was so stupid that later wanted to fight with a supper power .Every child knows that he could not win against a super power; he will lose the wealth of the country, the people and himself. But what was so clear for any child was not clear for the ignorant dictator.

The business people gave both side of the Iran Iraq war so many weapons that none of them could win the war. How can you win a war if you cannot produce the weapons by yourself and you are dependent?

The insurance companies mad big money, too. In Persian Gulf area the insurance for the ships got higher and higher, so they made more money. In this time Forough afraid to come back and she preferred to stay in the USA. But to stay there was not easy. She should marry some one for staying there. To marry in the USA for an Iranian traditional girl was not easy. Especially for somebody from middle class and from a religious family in Iran, who wanted to be helped and consultant to get marry. She could not find a husband by herself, so the culture in Iran was so and they trained the girls to be passive.

She was too shy to get male friends for marriage purpose. Somebody should introduce her to a man for marriage purpose.
Her cousin found a man for her. She said this is a good man. He was 25 years older than Forough, had no university or college degree and was married before with children. He was a play boy type person, who can present himself and enjoy the life with the money of other people.

So Forough was a good target for him. So Forough wrote to her mother and her brother that she found somebody to marry and she will not fly to Iran and she will stay in the USA.”

The mother and brother were very happy as their daughter and sister was happy and was going to be married soon. But none of them could go to the USA. They could not get the visa for the journey. So Forough married alone in the USA, her cousin and some other friends were there in her wedding party.

Djalal said, “I remember my mother as she came back from the USA embassy and she spent the whole day in the line for visa customers. She was very tired and upset. The embassy denied the visa. She was so upset that she threw the passport in a corner, but what can she do, we are the subjects and victims of our government, and what ever they decided and wanted to be performed we had to do.

As Forough knew that the mother could not come for her wedding party, she was very angry, but what could we do? We are the dulls of the governments and they decide for us. Even in a real democracy the minorities should accept what the majority dictate them.

Soon the Iran Iraq war started a war that a crazy ignorant dictator started and we should follow. Now leaving Iran was impossible. First you should have permission from one government to go out of that country and when you get the permission of the government for going out still you need permission for coming in to another country. If the second country does not give you the permission, the first permission has no use. To get the permission from two different countries was not easy. Especially when the two governments had not a good relationship. That was happened to my mother. So Forough wrote always to the brother and mother,” come to the USA, even if it is illegal. Many people were coming to the USA illegally, so you both can come, too.” Forough wrote in her all letters always about this subject, and encouraged her mother and brother to come to the USA. She wrote,” Send your money at least, so I can buy housed for you here. When you come here, you will have house for living, and some income from the houses which you can rent, too. “

Her brother could send all his remaining money and was waiting for the time that he gets his passport and could go. Meanwhile Djalal was married and after 15 years that he could not see his sister, he got a passport and tried to go to the USA. But Forough did not say everything about her husband. As Djalal was in the USA and saw the old uneducated man who could not speak even Persian properly, he was shocked. He asked his sister.” You said that he is an engineer and well educated. He could not even speak Persian or English properly. He could say just words poorly and not express himself in clear sentenc! e in English.

Then Forough told him the whole story, “My dear brother, I was alone and did not want to stay in the house of my cousin as a guest anymore. I did not want to go back to Iran and I was very worried to stay single as you already know. You know the problem, and even my cousin told me do not mention that you had a Moslem father and you have 7 brothers and sisters who are Moslem.

He came for the first time in my cousin’s house with a very big bunch of flowers, which was so huge that we could not take it through the doors of the house of our cousin. He took me to the most beautiful, expensive, nice restaurant in the city and bought for me expensive gifts. I thought he was a good man and his suits were very nice and very expensive. So I dreamed I will have a nice husband and a comfortable life with him. I did not even know that he is so old.

Later as I saw his documents, I knew that he is much older than me and has no education and not a proper work and the money that he could spend was from his gambling activities. He played with the money and in that time he took a lot of loans from his credit cards and maybe he had won also in a play. So he could spend money on me. Later I found what type of man he was. But even in the marriage ceremony as I did know he was so old, and he did not mention it before to me, I wanted to cancel the marriage, but I thought that is not good. He paid a lot of money and you and the mother will be upset concerning this. So I said to myself OK Forough and I continued. What could I do?

Now I have a child and I must stay with him, I lost two children already. I want to make this child a happy one.”

Djalal asked” what did you do with the whole money that I sent? “ Forough said” most of them he taken and played to make them more in gambling, but I put some of them as a down payment in the three houses which I bought in my name and his name.” Djalal asked” why you put his name in the houses that you bought with my money?” Forough said” because of tax problem, I put his name on the houses, too. “

Now the husband did not like the brother around the sister and especially he knew that Djalal had no money anymore, he came here actually to get his money and capital back. So Forough was influenced by him gradually and she was saying to Djalal that is better you go back to Iran and try to find a job there. Because Djalal had no money anymore and the husband wanted more money from him. Now he saw that Djalal wanted at least part of his money back.

She was so influenced by the husband that what ever he said was a gospel for her, and it must done. Before sending the money, she said always” come here, come here, everything is fine here, and here you will have a nice life. You can have a good job and your wife can continue her study and be a medical doctor.” She mentioned all these in all her letters sending to Djalal. And now the husband did not want to have the brother around the sister and forced Forough to do different scenario. Forough said now,” Djalal America is a mirage, it is not a land of opportunities any more, Iran is much better than here, go back there, you will be happy there.”

It was very obvious that Forough was forced to influence and send brother back to Iran. As Djalal sent all his capital to the beloved sister, the husband now he did not Djalal anymore. For making Djalal a little happy, they put Djalal, name as a second mortgage in the houses, they bought with his money. And when ever they wanted to sell the houses, they should pay Djalal off. Without any interest and without any time limitation for giving his money back.

Now Forough influenced by the husband acted like a dull and she wanted even the cut between Djalal and her family and she did not want to see the brother anymore, because her husband did not want it. Djalal went back to Iran. This time he was frustrated and mentally harmed. The only full sister that he had and loved so much and he gave everything to her, were gone and did not show any love and interest for him. The old ugly black hearted husband was preferred.

The sister was just like a dull in the hand of her husband and he could influence her totally against Djalal, who loved the sister so much and was ready to continue supporting her. Djalal wanted a successful sister and wanted her family be successful, too. He had sent so much money; because he thought with financial support he can bring happiness to his sister and make her a successful person. He had sent the whole money that he could gather at that time.

But the cruel husband took all his money and sends him back to Iran. In Iran the situation was not good for him, too. He could not get any job anymore as his mother was a Bahá’í and he could not be accepted as a Moslem, because he did not want to write an article in the newspapers against other religions. The government told him, if he wants to be accepted as a Moslem, he should write articles in the newspapers against other religions. But how could Djalal write articles against the religions of his mother, his friends, his teachers, and part of his family. So he was perse! cuted and could not work.

The religion problem made a good business for the husband of Forough, Agha Mahmud, and created a hard situation for Djalal.
If Djalal could go before to the USA and the government of Iran had given him the permission to go out of the country, he could see the false husband and would not trust his sister and her husband so much. But they did not give him the permission because of religion problem and Agha Mahmud had a good business because of religion problem of Djalal. So Djalal was persecuted and could not work. The Religion problem was good for the husband of Forough and very bad for Djalal. Agha Mahmud misused the situation and kept the whole money Djalal had sent to the beloved sister. He thought Djalal woul! d be killed in Iran as a Bahá’í, because his mother was Bahá’í and if he was not killed, he could not come to the USA as to get a visa for the USA is very hard for an Iranian and Djalal should also go over a lot of difficulties, to get a permission to come out of Iran, which in reality took Djalal fifteen years to get this permission. So as soon as Djalal had the passport and the permission to go out of Iran, he applied for a visa and tried to come to the USA and later he will try to stay in the land of opportunities and that was not so comfortable for Agha Mahmud.

Agha Mahmud thought Djalal could not go through all these difficulties and he could not come to the USA and could not see the situation here, so he influenced Forough to write always “Come here to the USA, here is the paradise and you can have a nice future here, you will have a lot of opportunities and a lot of possibilities.”

The Iranian government did not give him a passport and a permission to leave the country, so he waited there in Iran for a long time. Sorrowfully he sent all his money ahead to his beloved sister and the sister was badly controlled by the experienced old husband and she did whatever he planned for her. She should follow his plan. As I mentioned before, he thought first Djalal could not come out of Iran, even if the government did not kill him.

If he could out of Iran, he could not get the visa so easily. If he could get the visa, he could not stay here easily and even if he could get the permission to stay here and the work permit, he could not bring his family here, so the chance to keep all his capital was great. But now it was different, Djalal came, but very late. But he was here and so Agha Mahmud should be very worried.

The second plan was that; he says to Djalal you should go back to Iran. That is your country. You speak the language as a mother language, you know the culture and people very well and you must not start the life here from zero point. After many years that they told Djalal to come here, now as he sent all his money, the whole capital that he gathered in 25 years of work, they changed their mind totally and told him to go back. Now Agha Mahmud had his money and need not him anymore in the USA.

So they sent Djalal back to Iran. Djalal tried three more years there in Iran, but without capital it was more difficult to do any business. He was older and it was difficult to be hired so easily by private section. All his money was with Agha Mahmud now. Agha Mahmud was as happy as Djalal had gone back to Iran and he thought he could never come back.

Now in his sister’s letter, she wrote
” Do not come back to the USA. It is a very hard country and it is not easy to live here. The USA is a mirage. Many people have no work here. A lot of young people Korean and other nations are here without work, and they are young and are ready to do any type of work, but there is no work for them here. The life is not nice here. “
180 degree she rotates, she was writing now the opposite what she had written before. She wrote also to the wife of Djalal,” Do not let him come back to the USA. You need him there for the children. The children need a father also.”

Agha Mahmud did his business and it was done. He misused the condition, Djalal Love and Trust for his beloved sister, and collected the money from Djalal as much as he could and now he did want he wanted, he did not need him anymore.

In the time that Djalal was in the USA, the sister was very sick and Djalal was very worried concerning Forough’s health also. She took a lot of medicines and sprays every day before going to work. Djalal remembered in the past that he saw his mother took the same medicines and sprays. So he was very worried concerning his Forough’s health.
One day that Djalal was in the school, the neighbors called the school, but they could not speak with him. As Djalal was not living with his mother anymore. So it was about seven months that Djalal and his family were separated from the beloved mother.

The wife of Djalal wanted to be separated from his mother, so Djalal left his mother’s house and went to an apartment with his wife and child. The mother did not want that separation as she was afraid to be alone, but what could she do, the wife wanted the separation and would make the house hell, if Djalal did not move out of the house. So the mother did not say anything that she does not want the separation. But later she was very upset about this separation.

One day Djalal cleaned the room of his mother as she was old and could not work properly. The wife did not speak with him for three days. And other time Djalal bought some material for the mother, again his wife made a theater in the house and cried and again for many days she did not speak with Djalal.

So the mother this time did not say anything and let them go out of the house. Now the neighbor were calling Djalal house, but they could not speak with him in the school, so they called his house and they have spoken with his wife. Djalal came home and nobody was there, he took his food and started to eat. In this time his wife and child with his cousin opened the door and they came in.

The wife said to Djalal “stand up we should go!” Djalal asked,” Where? “The wife said, “to your mother’s house.” Djalal said, “Why? She was OK; I took her to the hospital three days ago. Yesterday she called me and she said that she checked herself in the night with the doctor. “ The wife answered,” stand up and come I will speak and explain the rest in the car. Come on now quickly. “In the car she spoke that the mother had gone in the market and in the early morning, she bought some food and came home from the shops and had started to cook. But she felt tired than she sat on the bed and she died. The neighbors saw the food was burning and they climbed up the wall into the house and saw you mother had died in a sitting position and so they called first you and as they could not contact you, they contacted me.

Djalal remembered the same situation had happened to his grandfather, the father of his mom. They were all in the school and the grandfather was at home alone. The mother of Djalal was a teacher also. Djalal, s uncle came home to visit his father. And rang the doorbell. The father tried to open the door. But he could not and sat there and died. The son climbed the wall and came into the house and saw the father had died.

Now the same situation had happened to the daughter, the beloved mom of Djalal. Djalal told that was the worst thing which could happen in my life. I came home and saw my beloved mother was lying in the room and her face was so beautiful and peaceful. After 7 months that my family and I were separated from the mother, she had died. She told always that, I grown up my daughter; she is in other side of the world and my son had gone to other city, too.

So all these made Djalal very worried concerning his sister and her life. Djalal did not know what to do and could not be calm anymore. He was so worried that one day his other sister told him” go to her as you could not stay here and you are so worried about our Forough”
Her husband did not care concerning Forough; he wanted to have fun and a nice life. As long as he is living. But Djalal could not sleep any more and he was very concerned about the whole situation. His sister was sick and she was not happy. She did not want Djalal back, too, because her husband did not want him anymore. So the other sister encourages him and said,” Go back to the sister to the USA and stay there, even far from them and just take care of her from the distance.

The husband did not want you close to our sister, so at least you are in that country and not in Iran which is in the other side of the world. You must be closer to her. “Djalal came for the second time to the USA and told his sister that he was there in the air port. The husband took the telephone receiver and said,” Do not come to our house, if you come here I will call the police.”

Djalal had been walking for three days on the street of Orlando and did not know what to do. But what could he do, he could not go back to Iran as he had no job there and no future any more. He was worried for the sister’s health. All his capital was with the husband of his sister. His three children were always told by him that he had prepared a nice life and good future for them in the USA. Even in the time that he was sending the money to his sister, his wife was against that; his son was not h! appy, too that he was sending the whole money he had to the sister. But Djalal loved and trusted the sister so much that he could not even imagine one day she would be so influenced by the husband that she let the husband say, “ Do not come to us if you come I will call the police!”

He sent so much money to his sister and the situation changed so completely. Djalal trusted his sister and he was so sure that the sister was so nice and she was the same person as him, like one spirit in two different bodies. Even his mother-in-law said,” sister loves the brother very much and will not put down the brother.” So the son and wife were quite.

The father of Djalal’ wife had sent some money to his brother and later brother was not willing to pay the interest of that money which was with him for many years. So his wife for this reason had a negative point of view about sending money to relatives. It is really true that to give money as a loan without any securities such as the bank does, is wrong. In the time that they are receiving the money, they are nice and happy with you and are very friendly. When they should pay back and you need badly your money, they will be bitter and unhappy, and even wish you to be dead and disappear or they want that you should fly to the Mars.

As my friend wanted me to be dead and the husband of Djalal,s sister told him, that he wishes him to be a dead man, too. He cursed at Djalal every where, he could go. The best thing is not to give money to the people without having a good valuable security. It is also good to have a clear contract, because the court system is so busy and indifferent. The court system has no feeling for your pain and they do not care what a hard situation you are in, just like my friend and your sister and her husband. They did not care about you. How can they care about you, as your own sister and my best friend did not care?

How can we expect the other will care about us, they are indifferent generally and make fun of our situations. The husband of Djalal, s sister told false stories concerning him and tried to make and show a bad person form him. The system was so indifferent that, I went with a lot of documents that even a child could understand I have been rubbed, but nobody wanted to read my documents.

Even in the revolutionary court two judges told me that you are a victim of your love and trust. Mr. Bahmani and Mr. Malaki were the two government’s judges in the Islamic revolution court and they understood I have right, but they could not help me as my situation was not a harmful situation for the security of the country and should be solved in a civil court. They were the only two judges who did know how the system gives possibilities to bad people to do their horrible actions.

But what could you do, when you love you are like a blind person, you think the other side and other persons whom you love so much, love you also. You think that they have the same feeling for you as you have for them. Sometimes that is not true, you love somebody, and she or he will misuse your love and trust. My friend in Iran took my money and tried to make up stories, made up lies, about me and made me out as a bad terrible horrible person. He wrote every where that I could negative letters about me. That is the power of money, money change the people.

After being without any plan in Orlando for three days and walking around, Djalal found some friends and they rented a hotel room for him. He started to work in a shop as a cashier, and later he worked as a bus-driver and truck-driver until he evaluated his papers and became a substitute teacher, later a part time teacher and a full time university teacher. Now Djalal was very happy and he thought his bad situation had ended. He wrote to his wife and children “Come here I have a good job and can support you a little.” He acquired all the paperwork and hired a lawyer, attorney, to do their paperwork.

After a while he did their paperwork without an attorney and faxed them the papers, which would give them the privilege to get a visa for America in another country, because the USA has no embassy in Iran. He waited impatiently for the family to come. At this time there were four years separation between Djalal and his family; it took a big gap between father and children and his wife. Djalal’s wife always wrote that the 15 year old son makes life hell for all of them. But Djalal was engaged with the sister problem ! and her husband and could you go back to Iran with empty hands.

Djalal’s wife told him that he could stay in America and should try to be established there. He should not come back with an empty pocket, which means he should come back with his money and not with empty hands and must get all of the money from his sister and her husband. They did the same thing to Djalal as my ex-friend Morteza did to me. They delayed and played with him just like Morteza did to me. The revolution in Iran caused this problem. That is one of the problems brought by the revolution in Iran to me and other people like me. The revolution gives these types of people like Morteza opportunities to misuse Love and Trust.

Any way the family of Djalal arrived. Forough was as upset as she saw the whole family of her brother are here in the USA, her husband thought now they should pay them off. So Forough in front of the children of his brother said bad words to the brother and was very impolite to him, so she broke the respect of Djalal. Now the 15 year old son wanted to do the same thing, he was rude and impolite to him. He said that was his father fault to trust and love his sister so much, the father is not smart. Forough is smart.

As Djalal was in the airport of Orlando to bring his family home, the wife said that she does not love him any more and the heart of his son is black. Djalal did not take this seriously, he thought, because of the long journey she is so upset. Djalal waited one year, sorrowfully he was not hired as a full time university teacher anymore.

In American there is no security for jobs, and principal can fire and hire the teachers. It is not like Persian, in the past in Persian government hired the teacher and the principal was just a helper or administrator, and almost in the same position as a teacher. Djalal did not know this, that he could lose his position so easily. They gave him just a part time job as a sub-teacher and adjunct professor. The salary was almost the half. So he worked as a bus-driver again. Now he did the paperwork of his wife and son and both of them got good jobs. They bought cars and soon after one year, they collected so much money that they could live separately. They said to Djalal they want to leave his house.

Djalal bought the house with a lot of mortgage; he could not live alone there and he could not rent part of the house to roommates, because the sub-division home owner society and the neighbor do not allow this to Djalal. So he must sell the house or rent the whole house to a family, and the wife went to the court and wanted divorce and child support. Exactly in this time the father of his wife called by a computer telephone every week that he should go back to Tehran and empties his store. The father-in-law rented the house of his wife and stored his furniture in his store. They rented also Djalal’ s house to very bad people and these people did not pay any rent, the father-in-law did not try to collect the rent and he did not care they d! id not pay rent and also damaged Djalal, house.

Now Djalal had a big house with a lot of difficulties. His wife wanted a divorce, because his sister influenced the family to be against Djalal, she wanted to damage his family to rescue her husband’s face. As everybody said to Forough that was not nice what she did to her brother, now she wanted to damage her brother’s face to rescue her husband’s face. She wanted to show, by the influence of her husband, and to draw, to paint, a bad face of Djalal, so she could save her face or her husband’s face. And the father-in-law called Djalal that he should go back to Iran and empties the father-in-law, s store.

The husband of sister went to the school of Djalal’s son and tried by giving some money to him, to train the son against the father. Before his sister said to him, that he should divorce the wife and marry a woman in the states who will take care about Djalal. His wife wanted only his money and be supported by Djalal. The sister told him that his wife is not a good woman; she wanted only money and security. He should forget them. But Djalal wanted his family, how could he forget about his lovely wife and three children. The sister told Djalal” let her go. She wanted only ! money and support from you, and not you. Now she tried to separate the family from him and she did.

Djalal went to Iran, but the father-in-law did not give him the valuable materials, gold, silver and jewel. He put all expensive furniture of Djalal in a store under ground and he damaged most of them. He forced Djalal to take the furniture as soon as possible and he did not give time to Djalal to empty the house from the people who rented the house and do not pay and take his furniture there. The father-in-law was so cruel to Djalal. He rented the house to bad people, but Djalal should empty the house through the slow acting court in Iran. But he should take the furniture very quickly from! the store of the father-in-law.

What could Djalal do? He rented a truck and took all his books and other furniture to his brother’s house in other city. In Karadje the next city to Tehran. He must pay a lot of money to the court and to the attorney. But the father-in-law, who did all these, did not care. Before they were so loving and wrote to Djalal nice letters, that he should take his family to the USA. Now he did and they did not need him any more and they were cruel to him. As long as the sister and family needed Djalal, they were very nice to him. As they took what ever th! ey could, now they were indifferent and cruel to him.

The story of Djalal will never ends and is not finished, as the humanity should learn from Love. Love should not die. Djalal is happy, because he said,” I did what ever I could for my sister and my family, but if the family and the sister are not happy and do not appreciate what I had done for them, it is not my problem anymore, that is their problem that they could not understand. “

The law in Iran permits my best friend to play with time and he damaged my capital. I helped him in a very hard situation. If he does not appreciate my help that is not my problem; it is his problem. Djalal did his promise to his father. He sent his sister to Europe and America to study and be a successful person; he helped his sister as far as he could. It the sister could not understand and did not appreciate all these love and help, that is not Djalal, problem. It is the sister problem. For Dja! lal the Love had not died, but for my ex-friend and his sister, husband the Love did die. We must help each other and make the life easier for each other and use our time and power for the humanity and not for hate and disunity.

“Amir,” said Djalal, “ I think the system in the world is trying to make the people indifferent and selfish and more and less like a dull or like an artificial person, a robot, who thinks only about, food, sex and his/her comfort and should not love and respect other people and be indifferent with each others. You see Amir you helped your Moslem friend, the Iranian Moslem ex-friend of yours in Tehran. As long as you could help and give him money and support; he was nice and friendly to you. In the time that you needed your money back, what did he do? He tried to kill you and made the life like hell for your.

Then you will say at least to yourself, “Why my best friend changed to my enemy? If I were indifferent to him and did not help him, he could even stay my best friend. So I lost my friend and my capital together.” “ What will be your decision next time to a needy person? Just be indifferent and hard without any sympathy. That is exactly what the society want us to learn; to be indifferent people and hard without any sympathy for other people, Love should die. That is what they want, so they can sell their weapons. If there is no hate there is no war. Then who will buy these weapons?

In the time that he came to you and cried and said that I have six hungry children and a damaged house, if you did say, sorry, I have no cash money and I will pray for you. Or go and pray, keep praying the God will give you money and I do not have any source to change it to cash money for you. Or if you had given him just a little money, which you could forget as the small amount of money you can forget and forgive easily. You would not have all these problems, with the Ministry of Just, university and your other places that he had sent letters against you.

If you thought at that time. Why should I be involved with a poor person and his problems now? You were safe and did not have all these difficulties. He took your money and wrote letters to revolution court and he damaged your life. That was his appreciation. You lost your job and your income in Iran and you came here as a poor man, and started the life from zero point, as I did. We have persecuted in Iran, because our mothers were Bahá’í and here we are persecuted, because we are from Iran. What are the differences; the persecution is with us where ever we go. The law in Iran is against us, and here some people are against us. In both countries we are rejected. In our country by law and here by some people.

If the law in Iran did support you and the court system did get your money back in time and with the damage of inflation. Your friend Morteza would never play with you and your time. He knew that he will be punished at the end. But the law in Iran is very generous for the people who cheat. With 20% to 30% inflation, they did not consider and accept the inflation and/or the interest or they did not count that the inflation had damaged your capital with the time.
They were so indifferent and did not bother themselves to think. That was not their money which was gone, it was your money and they did not care.

In the old time that the interest was not allowed by Islam the money was gold coin and there was no inflation rate with the gold money. Now the money is a paper money with 20% to 30% inflation. But the court is so ignorant of inflation and does not count the inflation or the interest. So your friend has misused this weakness of the law, paid bribery and illegal money to the people who handled your documents and your paperwork and they delayed it. The processing of your documents and paperwork should have been delayed and your papers were sent from one place to other place just to gain time and you get your money back after ten years. What is the result?

He made money with the time and the help of corrupted people and you lost your money. You see even from a bad law some people can make money. His properties had gone 10 times up and your money stayed constant or came down in value. So he was the winner and you were the loser. He used the Iranian Islamic court system as a device for making money. He was considered a smart man, who can make money with inflation problem in Iran. And you are considered as a simple man who gave his capital in inflation time to some one else.

I heard that in the court he said to the judge” Do you believe that somebody will take European German Mark and give to a person and just take a check from me? Do you believe this garbage what Amir is saying?” And the judge asked you “Why did you give him so much money did you love his daughter very much? But you were married, why did you do that? “Even Morteza said to me that nobody will believe Amir. “Who will borrow money from his friends and give to other friend?

It is true that he had died in the Jail, but that did not help you. You lost your capital and he poisoned everybody against you. He was so happy and thought he was smart and he used your love and trust to make money. The negative point of the system gave him the possibilities to make a huge amount of money without working and you lost your time, energy, friends and money. And say to yourself,” Oh if I said just no I could save all these difficulties. “That is the lesson the society will give you.

Nobody had listened to you. He had the upper hand every where, as he could spend part of your money against you. He gave food and gift to the people and brought a lot of food for everybody and candies to the police station. Do you think the people would be against a man who gave them food and candies? It is clear that the people would support him and you were alone. You will hate the people and society and you will never help anybody anymore. Why the people are attracted by terrorist organization, because the system and the law people ignore them.

Can you imagine you are innocent, you money had been stolen by a person. But he had the upper hand and sent you to jail and the people are friendly with him, who rubbed you but they are against you. If you were not Amir, you would be very angry and would to hit and kill them. You will be so angry and indifferent that you hate the human being. Then the terrorists would contact you and say, listen we work for God and just and we would like to take off the injustice from the world. We will attract the attention of people to the injustice. So they brain wash people and have their men or women.

It there is terrorist, you need weapons. They are marketing war and hate, and the business people who produce drug and weapon sell them and make business with them. That is the lesson the system wanted you learn. Be indifferent and selfish and do not think about the other people in the world. So they can divide us, train against each other and sell their weapons.

You have no money; nobody listen to you. You cannot pay; the people go away from you even if you lost your money for the humanity and for God. Amir we understand each other because we have the same problem and the same difficulties, but do you think other people can understand you? Your friend, my sister and my family do they understand us? No, because they are indifferent. But should we give up? No, we are not allowed to give up, because that is what the evil system will. We should train other people to love and not to be indifferent. That is the opposite the world system wanted to train the people be indifferent and just think about themselves, so they could control them much easier.

Generally the people should be selfish and go after their physical needs. Food, sex and later fun and drugs, hate and greed. Amir in the time that your friend was in a deep need you helped him with what ever you could. You saved him and you saved his children, but what did he do for you. He damaged your life. You should come out of Iran empty handed and work here like a teenager to survive. Why did he do this to his best friend, because he was trained to be indifferent and he just had cheated you to be a person what the world system wanted?

He influenced you to have sympathy and love for him, but he laughed in his mind about you, that you are simple and not a smart person. And he could cheat you so easily. He knew that the inflation was 20% to 30% per year in Iran and he knew that the people in the court system of Iran like other country did not care so much about the pain of the people. As they have every day these problems and listen the repeat of the pain of these types of people was their everyday life and business. So he did what ever he could and damaged your life.

I did the same thing, Djalal said, I tried to help my own sister and my own family. They did the same thing to me as your Moslem friend did to you. My father-in-law was a Bahá’í and he afraid so much in the Islamic revolution time, and if a person with the bread was going on the other side of his house; he was shivering. But the same person took my gold, silver, jewel and other valuable furniture and when I said you daughter said that she left everything with you, he said you and my daughter are lying closed the door and went in his house. Later in a telephone conversation he said the county has law go after you right if you have receipt.

He did the same thing to me as your Moslem friend did to you. I gave everything to my sister and tried to do my best for her. But in the time that her husband knew I had no money anymore so he acted, just like your best ex-friend. He said, Djalal if you come to our house, the house that bought with my money, I will call the police. He sent me out of my own house and said go said and die on the streets of Orlando. If you come back to my house, I will call the police. I wrote letters to explain my situation. Nobody was interested to help me. The lawyer wanted money to listen to me or help me. I did not have the money, so they did not care.

My brother-in-law had the money, my stolen money, he could spend money, but I could not. He was willing to pay this money against me. So he hired expensive, good lawyers to support his cheating activities. I wrote letters to many Bahá’í national and international spiritual assemblies of the Bahá’ís. What did they do? They delayed and ignored me. I lost every thing for the Bahá’í religion, for them, they were indifferent with me. They wanted more, they may be were satisfied if the government of Iran had killed me as a Bahá’í.

I know that the Bahá’í are teaching love and unity and the unity of mankind, but when it comes to the practice, they do not take serious attention. I wanted that they just listen and read my papers and what ever they would suggest I would have accepted. But nobody had interest to read. Why? Because the system of the world will create indifferent people. Why do the people do not support us? Djalal said.

As long you have money and power and you can give, the people want you. But when you lose your properties, money and power even it is for God and humanities, the people leave you. Even your best friends and family. My sister was such a loving person, she always wrote lovely letters for me and asked me to come to the USA, even if it is illegal. She suggested I should send my capital to her, and she will make a nice future for me.

I had difficulties with the Iranian Islamic Government as my mother was a Bahá’í and I was a teacher in a Christian school. I came like you here, without anything. I started to work here and after four years I had a good job and a good income, so I called my family to join me.

My wife always wrote that my son who was fifteen years old make life hell for her and her parents. He was very upset about the situation and he blamed his mother. The poor mother could not give answers to him and he made life hell for her. She wrote a lot of letters to me and asked me for help; I gave the most of my capital to my loving sister whose husband no longer wanted me.

My wife called and said she could not control our son and that his condition is dangerous. I said should I come back to Iran? She said, Oh no, you must stay there and try for the future of our children. Our children cannot go to universities here, because of Bahá’í name…so stay there and try harder, so that we can come there, too. With her suggestion I stayed and worked and tried to bring them here. She wrote in each letter and told me in each telephone conversation that my son makes life hell for all of them.

I wrote many letters to the Bahá’í organizations and asked them to solve my problem with my sister and brother-in-law in a fair friendly form with love and unity. I sent money to my sister but she let her husband interfere and decide in my capital and I needed his signature also. Nothing happened.

I prepared my family paperwork and after a lot of trying, they had gotten a permission to go to Dubai and get the visa for the USA and come here. “Djalal said”, I said to my wife sell everything and rent the house and come here. She did not sell everything and did not rent the house and come here with empty hands. She said that she does not like American and she will go back as soon as the son is at the university. From the very first beginning, she said that she would not love to stay here and she does not love me either.

The son wanted a rich powerful father that could pay him a lot of money to buy everything he liked. One year, the wife and the son blamed everything on me and were unfriendly and not nice to me. They blamed why I did not have enough money and why I could not pay all their costs as I did in Persian. They could not understand that here was a different system.

Everybody have to work in the USA. A man or husband could not pay the whole costs of his family. The business people have another system here. They want everybody to work. In Iran, they do not create so much work and if the worker is not in professional job, he is not paid well like in the USA. I asked again the spiritual assembly to help me and explain the situation for my wife and son. But they did not do that.

In this time my wife had met an Iranian medical doctor in Dubai, as she said and they wrote to each other love letters. That she will not forget him and he wrote back that he will not forget her. My wife did not speak with me, but she wrote secretly every day few pages for him and mailed them. Now she was busy with her long distance love and hope. She had no time and interest for me. After she had left my house I found one of her love letter by accident and may be one of the reasons that she wanted to leave me was this relationship.

I waited four years for her, but just few days she was in Dubai for visa and found a secret friend. I sent photocopies of the pages of the letter to my wife’s parents. They have ignored me, too. Any way my wife had changed and she was not the same lovely wife anymore just like my sister. My sister was in the hand of her husband and I was not important for her, only my money and my wife wanted my money and not me.

Any way the spiritual assembly did not explain for my wife and son that here is a different system.” Djalal has no other choice and he could not make the same money and could not have the same salary as in Iran. Here in the USA, they would never offer a government job to a man without citizenship. The family could not understand this and always they blamed Djalal why he trusted his sister so much and why he still love his sister. Djalal said’ “my poor sister had no male friends in her life and this husband is the only man in her life and she will not lose that man and will keep him with any costs. As she afraid to be single. The spiritual assembly did not explain the condition to Djalal family and they said they are tired of Djalal problems. And acted indifferently toward him.

Now the people and his family see in Djalal a physical worker that should work 20 hours a day with the minimum salary and give the whole money to the wife and son and buy for them everything they like and wanted and he should be able to prepare a luxuries life for them, as he did for them in Iran. What ever the son wanted should be bought immediately, car, computers, video recorders and other luxuries. Before the family came, Djalal was a full time university teacher, but now he was only a part time teacher and the family was upset about this, too.

But what could Djalal do? If Djalal was indifferent with the sister and did not let her to come to the USA for study, she would not make so many problems for him. If Djalal did not bring his family here, they could not make so many problems for him either. If I did not help my Moslem friend in Iran, he could not make so many problems for me, too. What is the result? We should be indifferent with each other’ lives and do not care about each other.

As I mentioned before that is exactly what the business people want. They separate the people in the world by colors, nationalities, races and religions and train them to be against each other. They force them to believe what they are saying is right and the other people are wrong. They teach them to hate each other.

Do not respect each other and do not trust each other and be indifferent and hard with each other problem. Even be indifferent with your own family. If you do not listen to them, they take your position, work and even degrees and send you to other country to start the life from zero point again and be punished by them. I was punished by Iranian government. Why, because I helped my best friend and he wrote I wanted to change his religion and the religions of innocent Moslem children at the university. Now the government told me that I should write an article in the newspapers with my picture that other religion, Bahá’í is a bad religion and the founder is a Satan follower. And the Christian are not right and must follow the Mohammad.

How could I do this and write articles against the religion of my mother, my family, my friends and my students. So they persecuted me and send me out of university. An Arab Mr. Ben Laden attacked and damaged the buildings in New York; I had been persecuted, because he was from the same sub-continent Middle East as I am from there, too. He was marketing war and hate, I believe in humanity and love, but I had been punished by his action. They could not understand that the Arabs invaded Iran and kil! led over one millions Iranians just few years ago.

If there is injustice in the world, there will be the terrorist, too. If the people who want hate and war and brain wash the young people, how could we stop the terrorist’s activities? They say the Western people take your oil and money and let you be poor and uneducated and they do not believe in God. If you kill them you go to heaven. You have nothing to lose. You do not have a nice life here anyway, but if you kill bad people; you go to paradise. If you have been killed; you go to paradise any how. You have nothing to lose. The western people ignore you. You should show them that you are important. They should think about you and your people. Kill them; you go to God’ paradise.

If somebody like us does not listen to them they would punish the person. The punishment that they prepare is very hard. They want us to give up. And if we think deeper, we can see what they are doing. They train the people to be indifferent. Nobody should trust so they can control the people much easier. They can make their business and sell to the people who hate and have no hope and are uneducated, drugs and weapons.

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