Name Calling Contest between Shaholahi’s and Ruoholahi’s

Name Calling Contest between Shaholahi’s and Ruoholahi’s

Just few minutes ago I submitted a blog inviting for you all for poetic debate[Mosharerh], where romantic and literally powerful people can gather around and dust of the week worth of hard work in the our offices and such.

But it would be unfair to exclude two groups that do not fit the description above. Meaning they are neither romantic nor particularly gifted in a civilized debate. Their forte is name calling of all sorts.
So here is their opportunity.

In one corner we have rabid supporters of Monarchy with their vitriol and poisonous remarks about any one who does not worship the golden Mostarah in Kakhe MarMar and Reza Pahlavi at LEAST 5 times a day.

In the other corner we have dimwitted supporters of Islamic Hokomat, with their AK 47 ready at the go, who worship the toilet Khomaie took a dump in 30 some odd years ago, at least few dozen times a day.

So people of above persuasions, gather around, have it at each other and leave people alone for some peace and tranquility in this IC so they can have some productive and civilized debate.

P/S Ticket are free BUT leave family members where they belong, OUT OF THIS

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