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You might have noticed that recently I posted a blog, imagining all of us on a tour bus to Iran. I don’t know what your individual take was on the whole idea but something today profoundly touched me. As I was searching for something on my blog, I noticed the avatar for ‘humanbeing’ has changed. She has posted her own picture. What it tells me is that something about the atmosphere in Iranian.com was momentarily changed that allowed an outsider, according to her, feel comfortable enough to show her picture.

This warm and fuzzy feel of comfort, this very small step towards trust, this burst of courage, this human side that differs us form the cold and black text that we hide behind, this fine and brittle, thin piece of humanity that is different from the faded and blurred picture of things that we chose to post as our avatar, is what it should shake us to the bone.

I know all of you love either Iran and Iranians in specific or humanity in general. I know this because you passionately fight for your point of view. But when you are bringing down your hammer of opinion, think for a moment, that there a gentle finger that has touched the stunning body of other-angle-of-view, might have naively laid on the cold vise of opposing view.

Humanbeing jan, you look fabulous. Just remember next time take the picture AFTER you change into your swimsuit. You never know, I might one of these days come up with a crazy idea like Iranian.com swimsuit calendar.

Love you all!


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