I just got an email from this ANONYMOUS Blogger capt_ayhab ( Signed JJ in Capital letters) accusing me of threatening his ANONYMOUS SELF and his UNIDENTIFIED family on a PUBLIC FORUM after he started making Insipid Remarks on my Mother ( On Mothers Day of all days ) and other derogatory comments in relation to my family which had nothing to do in the blog in question ( Guess What Blog ? on Reza Pahlavi Of Course … Who Else ?   ). This is Truly becoming Silly … and Pathetic …

Judge For Yourselves :

You threatened my life? Name your place and you time ………..

De : J J   

Ajouter dans les contacts À : Darius KADIVAR

You are here by being placed on notice that you will be put in jail for threatening the well being of my family.

Every threats that you have made including this one is being refereed to local FBI office for further investigation. My suggestion to you would be to hire a English speaking attorney since US laws does not treat kindly any threats against her citizens.

I have all the rights to defend safety of my family, and since you threatened me with and my family with bodily harm, I will take up your challenge and ask you for date and time in order for me to eradicate your threats from my family.
Your words

Otherwise If I ever see YOU in Person … By God … I Promise will Give You a Lesson YOUR ANONYMOUS Family Won’t Forget !

You Pompous Little Piece Of SHIT !
Hopefully Mr. Kadivar you have ample defense funds at you disposal.

Have yourself a great evening and never again threaten people with bodily harm that you are incapable of delivering!


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