Love with sex and marriage for sex without love

The difficulties of Iranians in the land of opportunity and the land of freedom.

In the time that, our best children of Iran have a terrible life in Iran, and the system of the world for more benefit misuses them. I do not know to write their other life problem is wise or not. But it is also a part of their lives.

Mehrdad had lost his job after the glorious, gorgeous, marvelous, corky, nice and beautiful revolution of Iran by leading of the scientist of century and the most knowledgeable person , the great philosopher and mathematical, historian and also the great politician , the great beauty of God, the deputy of the last Imam Mehdi, the Imam Khomeini the great in Iran. (The titles that I wrote here is just part of the title, the people gave to Khomeini, the theological leader of Iran) he was fired, because parts of his family were Bahai. He was not agreed to write article in the newspapers of Iran against other religion. He did not want to be a puppet played by other puppets. And wrote what ever they like to see in the newspapers. He was forced to go to American to have a new life, as he thought in Iran he has no work and no future. His wife also forced him to go out of Iran and to USA.

Mehrdad told me that his wife was not cooperative from the beginning of their live. He said in the time that they were married, his wife refused for a long time to have intercourse with him. She wanted just play and rub or touch, but she did not let him to go inside her completely. His wife with this excuse that she is virgin and had virginity which is hard and dick and it will be very painful for her, did not let him to have a real complete love with her. Mehrdad did not have any sexual relationship with other women so for him was also difficult to have a real sex love with Nasrin, his wife. He did not know what should he do, and as she asked him to forget the sex. He agreed. But the problem was not finished completely. Nasrin always told him, that you have no experience, you cannot do it, you are a weak man, you do not know how to do, and you are not a real man and forced Mehrdad to go to a specialist doctor. The doctor told Mehrdad that you are OK, may be your wife has a problem and she is blocked and has not a vagina. Bring her here; I will also examine her, as I examined you.

Nasrin had the excuse, that she is a virgin and afraid from doctor. She knows that she has a hard and dick virginity and she should have a powerful man to dig hardly in her. You are weak and you get very fast excited and you cannot go inside me. That is you who have a problem and you release yourself fast and excited so deep. I lost my respect by my family as my husband cannot satisfy me or get me, and cannot make me a woman and I should stay virgin. And she cried bitterly, the people will look down at me. I have to divorce you soon. But the matter was so; Mehrdad has no experience and had never see a naked woman in his life. Nasrin did not open herself and in opposite hide herself with her legs. Mehrdad did not know how should he start and what he should do. And Nasrin did not cooperate with him, but also discourage him very badly. She does not open herself and did not bring her leg up, so the posy did not appear at all. She was hidden between her closed legs; how can Mehrdad go inside her? Mehrdad was sad as he could not satisfy his wife and physicist he was down and lost. His device get long and hard, but she did not let him to bring it in the right place in the right time. So he saw the necked legs of his wife and her short, her breasts with high nipples, so he let the semen comes out fast. Only to see her three angels was enough for a man who did not see something like that before to be empty of semen. His sperms were coming out fast and he was relaxed for a while and again it was the same problem. He did release sperm many times, but the wife did not cooperate with him and did not let him inside with love and patient. So without her help and as she closed herself, he made the bed wet only. Mehrdad told me, she even says the words like this do it fast or finish it. Stop and go away, you make me wet. Be careful, do not, do not do…you cannot not , you do not know how and closed herself and does not give any chance to the little man to visit her posy. And the little man in the total darkness without eyes how can he find a hidden place? From one side the discouraging words she uttered, closing herself and no guidance for the little man let him to release him outside the goal, the posy. After this action both of them were unhappy and nervous. And they did bleam each other aggressively. Doctor told Mehrdad do not be cheated by her words. Do not listen to her words that I afraid, please, stop and do not try; it is painful, do not force and so on. Open her legs as far as you can and put a pillow on her bottom and hold yours in your hand and guide it exactly between her legs. Do not afraid and do not be soft, be firm and do your best. Hold her shoulder with your hand so that she cannot move and try to push her legs up with your shoulder. She wants to make fun of you and say that you have a fault and bring you down. Press with your bottom as hard as you can in her posy. The doctor told him that some women like hard men and they do not want to be captured by weak and soft men.

They love the men forced them to be not virgin any more and they love the man tears off their virginity with one press and one hard push. You can let her drink strong wine as much as you she can, and it is better she gets drunk, so she cannot resist not so seriously. Mehrdad did the same next night. He got a very strong wine from his Christian friend and with the trick that this wine is pure and had no alcohol and is good for nerves, let her drink and almost forced her drink the whole bottle. He told her this wine is not verboten ones. After that with a little force takes off her clothes and tears off her short as she did not let him to take it off. He laid down her on her back. And started to suck her nipple and touched her body and her special places. Nasrin was drunk and could not resist any more. He did what ever the doctor told him. And put his penis not one time, but more than ten times in and out of her posy. He gave so much semen into her that every where behind her the mattress and other papers she used were completely wet with the water of life. The drunken Nasrin cried and pleased him to stop and asked him give some break, but he did not listen at all. She told look so much blood came out of me and I have a wound in my vagina, it is so painful with your big thing, please forgive me and stop, he did not listen any more. He cleaned her with the paper towers and continued to have his revenge of her and wanted to be completely out of semen what he saved for a long time. After cleaning her posy, he again did the same action. That was for the first time in his life that he could have a real intercourse with a drunken woman. So he made her ten times pregnant also. He released all his sperms in her, so her ovule has no chance to hide herself. She was surrounded by millions of sperms and could not even move any more. The sperms turned her round and round and tried to go inside her. All these sperms have waited for a long time and now they have the possibilities to go inside and Miss Ovule la la la. That was a sea of sperms which were around the Miss Ovule la. Mehrdad was so tried that he slept the whole night like a dead man. In the morning he opened his eyes and saw that Nasrin is going with her open legs and very slow as she had a wound between her legs to wash herself. She knew that she cannot have a real bath as she has a wound, a torn virginity in between her leg. So she tried not to have much water close to her posy. As she saw Mehrdad is awake she told him, you dog father, you tears me in pieces and made me ten times pregnant with the sea of your sperm liquid. And after that with an artificial laugh she told him. Congratulations Mr. Mehrdad. Your great Mehrdad opened me completely and now I am not a virgin girl any more, but a real pregnant woman.

In the morning she called her mother and said that Mehrdad passed his examination with a good result and had the best score. But he tears me in pieces and I have bad wound in between my leg and pain. And he let a river of life water pumped in me with his long hose. The mother of Nasrin made fun of him and she cooked shrimps with a lot of eggs for Mehrdad to make him strong enough to satisfy her daughter. Now she was happy and told her give him my best regards and congratulate him from me to be conquer of your posy.

From now that was Nasrin who changed hundred eighty degree and said the opposite what she told before to her friends. Now she said, you do not know how strong and hard he is. He is hard like an iron and get never tired, he can go inside me ten times or more in a single night. He does not release his semen so easily. He acts like as he rides a horse. Coming in and out from my posy; first slowly and after that faster and faster. He makes me crazy. I do not know why this strong man was so weak before; in the time I told him enough, he stopped. But now he does not listen to me and he does a very great job. Before that he was released before my posy, and now completely inside her. As he has a pump of water, warm nice water he pumped in me. No body told her, that was your fault that you did not opened yourself and the poor blind person could not attacked you and must be outside the castle and water the bushes there. Your house was closed and he did not want to open it by his force at that time. That was the doctor who guided him to be successful.

After a while by all way of careful intercourse, to prevent to have children, Nasrin gave birth to six children. Now she was saying that you have six children and you have to have a much better job and income. He was transporting the people with his private can like a taxi. And she was forcing him to have another job. Even she told him if he works as a contraction worker is better than transporting passengers illegally. After having six children, Nasrin got cold tempered also. Now she does not want intercourse any more. Mehrdad was not Moslem so he could not work in the office in Iran, so he decided to go to America, the land of possibilities. He could not bring his family so easily to the USA so his wife wanted to be divorced. After three years the US government allowed him to bring his children and wife here. But Nasrin did not want to go to USA so she send the children all six to Mehrdad. She told Mehrdad if he agree for divorce she can forgive her drollery, the money that he should pay her, because of marriage tradition in Iran. Mehrdad could not manage six children, so he was forced to have a wife to help her with the children. No American woman will have a man with six children, but he found a beautiful woman from Peru, who was illegally in USA and was looking for a citizen to marry her, so she could get her document or papers to be legally there. With combination of her needs and his needs, they marry with each other, but they loved each other, too and they were few years’ friends before. Now was a good time for both of them to be married. She could get her green card and he has a wife and mother for his six children. This wife was the opposite of Nasrin. She was very beautiful, sexy and active. She was tall; sportier and healthy, not fat like a lot of American women. She had golden blond hair and very white skin, she was very alamode and chick and she was more than a model , but she was a good housewife also and take care very good of his six children. She was a portrait model before and now she had a position of a manager in a boutique. Before that she worked illegally with false papers. She does not make a lot of money, but with her salary, she managed to buy more than hundred shoes and bags and more than three hundred nice expensive clothes. She spends all her money for clothes and or shoes and make up material, perfume, fragrance, shampoo. She was trained to spend and buy like an idiot, Nasrin did not have more than five clothes and not more than three shoes, but she bought kilo of gold. She loved to buy gold, which is always cash money in Iran and the Miss Bregger just wanted to buy clothes and shoes. Miss Bregger does exercise and sport about one hour every morning and after that over half hour, she makes herself beautiful and after that she goes to work like a bride. But she cooked and takes care of the house and six children, too. She did not neglect this duty at all.

She did her BA degree in Peru and came to America, to marry a rich nice American man, and because she did not find a rich man, she married Mehrdad. She worked illegally for a while, few years and so she agreed to marry Mehrdad. She was tired to hide from police and she did not drive, because she did not have permission to stay in USA. She was hidden somehow and tried to get the work permit. She had a work permit, but it was false one. She was afraid if the police catch her, will be deported.

Mehrdad told me, she is opposite of Nasrin. Nasrin wanted to be just married, because she did not want to stay unmarried at home, her younger sister asked her to marry, because as long as she did not marry, it was not nice for the younger sister to be married. She wanted no sex with love, but mostly for sex or children. Mehrdad told me Nasrin never cooperate with me, she told always stop, finish it, do not move so much, do not press yourself in me, it is not nice for her; it is painful. Ouch, I am tearing you with your big long hard think have killed me with my little small, tight posy and so on…I got in pieces what are doing, stop it. Go away man, you have three or…six children, sham on you. You must shy. When can I be relax of your big Mr. I do not like kissing and touching, do it fast and let me go. Do not play with me, release yourself, let your water come out and go away. So that she showed that she does not love the intercourse and making love, and only she does it as her duty or for having children. She married me, because her younger sister was so eager to marry and if she did not marry, it was not good for the sister to be married. It is sort of impolite to marry before the older sister or that means she cannot wait, and she is so eager to have the sex.( In Iran generally the girls cannot have sex before marriage, so many hot girls love to marry, because they can have sex, I think a lot of marriages in Iran is because of sex or children or tradition. Or they, the girls marry for welfare and security. Mehrdad was rich in the time he marry her, but later he was sent out of the work, because of religion problem and he could not make enough money as a driver. She did not learn to be active in loving time or cooperate with the husband and enjoy the sex. Mehrdad was ten years older than Nasrin and needed sex and love together, but Nasrin showed so that she does not enjoy the sex. First she wanted to give the fault to her husband, that he cannot make sex, but later as he learned from doctor to make sex, now she said, you want to make me dirty.( In Islam making love is dirty and the semen is dirty and they should wash themselves after the action completely the whole body, and not only the sexual organs.) You want to tear me again, and you are so sexy, stop it. Be cool…it was a marriage without any love, just because of tradition. She did not want to stay virgin for her life and be an old virgin woman. And Mehrdad was her victim. Mehrdad said before I have love with my Peru wife; I though only the man have fun with sex and the woman do not like it at all. And the woman just let her there, because she has to. With other words, Nasrin was like a dead woman in the time we make love. She did not move and she did not show that she enjoy the action.

So in the time that she wanted divorce Mehrdad agreed without thinking. He does not know that Nasrin had a plan, she wanted divorce to take all Mehrdad properties and material and back bit him also. Mehrdad said in the time that I was with Nasrin; I thought I am doing a mechanical action of going and coming back. Or inside and outside action and Nasrin did not show any interest and love and she told me make is fast, finish yourself as she was under pressure or torching. In the other side the woman from Peru she wanted to play, to kiss to touch and moved so much, more than me and she make it so nice that I did not notice if I am inside her or outside. There was so much love that the sex was a little part of it. She admired me by touching all places of my body, oh your beautiful chest and kissed them, oh your nice bottom and touched them. Your beautiful looking and your nice pretty eyes. Oh you are perfect, you are my king, I am your slave, kiss me. Do it again and again. Yes, yes you are the best. You are the best and strongest man in the world. All beautiful women love to have you. Jennifer Bregger was so trained to make love as she was a professional lover. As she could everything she possessed to her lover. All her body was hot and soft and she admired me so much that I got proud to be a man to make a woman so happy. It is marvelous, it is hard like stone, it is big like a nice warm soft thing, I feel you in my whole body. She holds me with her nice finger and guides the little blind of mine in her warm soft place, so I did not feel if I am in or out. Excellent she told me after each shooting. She was like a good hostess. She puts me inside herself and pushes with her feet me deeper and deeper in her posy. She moves and speaks with love and affections so much and so nice that I forget what I am doing and where I am. She dances and is so happy under me that I feel so good. In the opposite situation Nasrin laid down like a dead person and I should do all the activities and she did not help at all. The only words that she said, quit, finish it. I am tried. Take off your big thing out of my small one. And Jennifer told me oh my dear, how beautiful, how nice, thank you very much, may I take your penis and guide it to my posy. You are so hard so soft and so good. Thanks a lot. Jennifer was so active and so nice and moves and dances so much under me and touched me so nice and everywhere of my body, that with a lot of enjoy I finished my performance and released and relaxed and she prepared me for another shooting, by kissing and touching me. Sucked me loved me and kissed me all the time. I could not feel anything but love, I forget everything in my whole body. I did not know if I am inside or outside. The whole body of her was hot, warm and soft. The love and her love covered all sexual activities we performed together.

This experience proved for me that only sex with a lot of love can be nice and beautiful and complete. But sex without love just on the paper of marriage certificate can be hard and unpleasant. Nasrin said and acted as she does not enjoy at all, and Jennifer was a complete opposite of Nasrin action. I did not care about sex so much as I was with Jennifer as the love had covered the whole sexual activities. After making love, she says, oh that was nice, beautiful, I enjoy a lot and I hope that you have the same feeling. I told her oh yes. But Nasrin told me, you big man with big…you made me we, you are so painful. You released so dirty glue on me. We lived together for at least ten years and after the glorious so called revolution in Iran guided by the great philosopher and scientist of the century, the beauty of God, the great Ayatollah the grand Khomeini; we should separated. And I could experience other type of people.

Jennifer learned to love a man and she showed that she enjoy the love with sex. And make her partner also happy. So that the sex was almost disappear in the love. I was so busy with love that I forget the sex. The nice loving words she uttered and nice action she performed made me very happy. The sex was disappeared in the sea of love. I am in USA, but my heart is for Iranians who have such a difficult life now. The men and women cannot make each other happy. I wish that one day we could have a much better education for Iranian men and women and could teach them to love each other and do not marry for sex or children only.

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